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This is the IPFS Starlog, a series of communications about the IPFS Project. These posts are written by the IPFS team, and members of the broader community. The subject matter is broad: project news, protocol explanations, stories, usage examples, application spotlights, and more.

Starlog entries: 251

IPFS at ETHDenver

The IPFS Community was at ETHDenver 2021 in full force: from presentations to bounties, help desks and virtual hangs, and our favorite—new projects!

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 124

The latest on go-ipfs 0.8.0, plus ProtoSchool adds libp2p to the curriculum and save the date for the March meetup!

go-ipfs 0.8.0, and Remote Pinning, is here!

See what's new in go-ipfs 0.8.0 (spoiler - pins are easier)!

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 123

See what people built at ETHDenver, hang out with IPFS and friends next Tuesday, plus your files 💖 for keeps forever 💖 - we promise!

libp2p comes to ProtoSchool

The ProtoSchool team is pleased to announce the launch of a shiny new multiple-choice tutorial introducing libp2p, the modular peer-to-peer networking stack that spun out of IPFS into its own first-class project and a dependency of IPFS itself.

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 122

Opera adds support for IPFS addressing to Opera Touch, relive the Brave x IPFS partnership AMA, and join the first forum for researchers and academics working in the IPFS space!

IPFS in Opera Touch on iOS!

Opera has now added support for IPFS addressing to Opera Touch, their mobile browser for iOS.

Hey ETHDenver, hack on IPFS with these bounties!

Win prizes of up to $500 for building on IPFS, especially when you build with the recent browser integrations at ETHDenver.

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 121

ETHDenver 2021 kicks off this week, discover a love letter to IPFS, plus catch up on all of the presentation from the January virtual meetup!