Hack with us at ETHDenver

by Jenn Turner on 2020-02-07

IPFS at ETHDenver 2020

Next week, the IPFS team will be heading to Denver, Colorado for ETHDenver, one of the biggest Ethereum and decentralized web developer-focused events in the US. We’re very excited to connect with the dweb community during a week full of presentations, workshops, #BUIDLathon-ing, and community gathering.

On Thursday, February 13, the IPFS Community is hosting the Distributed Networks Summit, featuring speakers and workshops from IPFS Core, Protocol Labs, Textile, ProtoSchool, 3Box, RTrade Technologies, Pinata, Althea, Quorum Control, Kauri, and more! Register to attend so you can figure out how to implement IPFS in your dapp, with the advice from leading experts. Think of it as our early Valentine’s Day gift from the IPFS community to you. 💝

Did we mention we have bounties?

We’ll have bounties for using and improving IPFS, and building IPFS or our community’s libraries and services into your dapps—all managed through the ETHDenver DAO. ETHDenver will announce the bounties on February 10th, so until then take a look at awesome.ipfs.io to get your mental propellers spinning!

Join us at the following events

You can still sign up to attend at ETHDenver.com.

2019 took the IPFS Community in so many inspiring directions. We can’t wait to see where the community is headed in 2020. See you there!