Introducing the IPFS Case Study Series!

Introducing the IPFS Case Study Series!

IPFS Case Study Seriew - Audius

# You asked, we delivered!

We've heard requests from avid docs readers and IPFS newcomers alike for more high-level info about real-world problem-solving using IPFS — including how those who are already extensively building on IPFS made the choices that got them to where they are today. In reply, we'd like to introduce the IPFS Case Study Series!

# IPFS x Audius: A story of harmony

We're pleased to kick off our IPFS Case Study Series with a profile of our friends at Audius (opens new window), the decentralized music and audio sharing platform designed to give artists and creators a direct link with their listeners. To create their censorship-resistant, privacy-friendly platform, it was key to have a distributed cloud storage network as the basis for the system. Audius uses IPFS as the core decentralized storage component in their mission to give everyone the freedom to share, monetize, and listen to any audio.

Head over to the IPFS Docs to read the full case study (opens new window), but here's a quick quote to whet your whistle:

In 2018, when Audius was looking into decentralized storage, they needed a system that would enable routing and addressing of large amounts of content in a decentralized way for their content streaming network. At the time, IPFS had the only system that fit their needs for decentralization ... Now, after two years on the network, Audius has found that IPFS has consistently performed and provided the flexibility and resilience needed for their network. "The lack of surprises is an advantage," says Hareesh Nagaraj, senior engineer at Audius. It’s been reliable the whole time."

Have a look at the full case study (opens new window) now to learn why IPFS was the best fit for Audius' needs, where IPFS fits into the Audius tech stack, and the concrete gains IPFS has helped the Audius team achieve. We hope you'll be inspired!

# Up next ...

We've got more case studies in the works, so keep an eye on the IPFS Blog (or sign up for the IPFS Weekly (opens new window) newsletter!) so you don't miss a single one.

Got an idea for a project or product that would make a great IPFS case study? Leave your thoughts in the comments.