Reliving the IPFS August 2020 Meetup

Reliving the IPFS August 2020 Meetup

The IPFS community got together last week for the August virtual meetup. This event continues a series we started with the IPFS 0.5 Launch Meetup (opens new window), and continued with the IPFS Pinning Summit and a IPFS June Meetup to kick off the summer.

But in one sense, this particular meetup is a change: These virtual meetups are now replacing the IPFS Weekly community meeting. The IPFS Weekly has been held on most Mondays at 9am Pacific time for several years - host to loads of speakers from throughout the broader community, sharing their ideas, thoughts, products, and experiments with IPFS, libp2p, and various related technologies. Thanks to all the people who joined in real time and who commented on the recordings. So now, instead of a shorter weekly session with fewer people, we are building on the success of the larger events by doing them more regularly. You can look forward to more people joining, in-depth talks, and a wide variety of speakers, projects, and demos from around the dweb ecosystem.

# 📣 The Talks

For the August edition, we hosted some familiar faces and some new groundbreaking projects!

Our host for this month’s meetup was IPFS Ecosystem lead Dietrich Ayala, who introduced the next half of the 2020 IPFS roadmap:

Bradley Kam from Unstoppable Domains (opens new window) joined us to give us the step-by-step on just how easy it is to build with IPFS and decentralized tech.

The folks behind Koda (opens new window), the world’s first decentralized dog, explained how IPFS + AI is a match made in heaven for robotics and distributed computing.

What is the Identity Index? What is Ceramic (opens new window)? Michael Sena explained how this IPFS-based evolution in decentralized identity is going to be a standards game changer in identity management.

# ⚡️ Lightning Demos

Each meetup invites the community to share what they’ve been working on with a round of lightning talks. Keep that in mind while you’re hacking away with IPFS. This meetup featured two fantastic talks.

Lidel walked us through the upcoming IPFS Pinning Service API.

An exquisite (mostly) hand-drawn presentation by Irakli Gozalishvili about the performance of IPFS in web content.

You can see the all the talks in this playlist (opens new window), or keep up with what’s happening in IPFS land by heading over to the IPFS Youtube Channel (opens new window), clicking the subscribe button, and enjoy!

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