IPFS in 2021 - Thank You for Your Proposals!

by David Choi & Kadir Topal on 2020-12-21

In November, we asked the IPFS community to nominate and discuss potential themes for the project to tackle in 2021. It’s been amazing to see the insight, creativity, and passion from this amazing community to better understand where the IPFS Project needs to improve, upgrade, and focus in 2021. Using the thinking surfaced, we hope to help synthesize a few broad areas of work that the project could focus on next year (and even beyond) - and share those back with the community for feedback in January.

Now that the brainstorm period is over, all we can say is: THANK YOU! We’ve been blown away by the level of participation, thoughtfulness in discussion, and time and energy spent to help chart our shared course and priorities for next year. In just ~3 weeks, the community contributed:

The full list of themes and discussion can be found in the IPFS roadmap repo.

Just a handful of the proposed themes

But these numbers alone don’t sufficiently illustrate the quality of discourse that was seen! The discussion on topics was rich, connecting experts and collaborators across the IPFS community. We had nuances raised around optimal content routing strategies


…saw discussion on various ways to integrate IPFS into browsers


…and even a meetup organized to discuss approaches to upgrading IPFS’s security model


Thank you again for the time, thoughtfulness, and energy you all brought to this process!

2021 Planning Process Timeline 📆

We are still in the middle of 2021 planning! Using the community discussion, our goal is to determine a few overarching themes that can be a guiding “north star” for 2021 to best support the growing community and help the project achieve its long-term mission. Similar to last year, we expect that instead of choosing a single theme from community discussion to pursue next year, we’ll instead identify a few common threads / needs across the themes surfaced as the most important area for the project to focus next year. Further, the final themes are not intended to dictate all that the project does in 2021, but just some major areas of focus. Other areas or themes can and should still be tackled by the project and community. So consider the proposed themes “conversation starters” - and if you haven’t yet, join the conversation!

Happy holidays, and see you in 2021!