Join us at ETHDenver 2021, year of the Spork Marmot!

Join us at ETHDenver 2021, year of the Spork Marmot!

Join us at ETHDenver, where Flying Bufficorns and Spork Marmots reign free

It’s hard to explain what ETHDenver (opens new window) is, exactly. Is it a conference? Yes. Is it a hackathon? Is it a week of technical workshops directed by industry leaders? Yes. Is it an art exhibition? Also, yes. Is it a live dj set? Again, yes. But even those labels don’t do justice to the magic that happens when all of those things combine and settle on the Denver tech scene.

That is why we’re so excited to be part of this year’s ETHDenver, which is 100% virtual so everyone around the globe can experience the magic for themselves! In this, the year of the Spork Marmot, attendees worldwide will be able to participate in one of North America’s largest Ethereum gatherings: an innovation festival and #BUIDLathon, including a virtual replication of the famed Sports Castle, with a built-in game experience for IRL swag, and more.

A wild Bufficorn appears at the IPFS Help Desk in 2020

In years past, the IPFS community has had a large presence at ETHDenver, partially due to the incredibly welcoming and encouraging decentralization community built locally in Denver. Last year (opens new window), we were truly blown away by how much we saw the ETHDenver community embrace IPFS. After all was said and done:

  • 24 out of 52 submissions utilized IPFS in their project, with
  • 8 of the 16 finalist projects, and
  • 3 out of the 5 winners triumphing, having used IPFS.
  • And 80+ bounties were awarded for using IPFS!

Not only that, last year Cryptorado (opens new window) organized the Decentralized Network Summit (opens new window), inviting the IPFS community to a day full of speakers and workshops from the folks at 3Box, NEAR, Unstoppable Domains, Pinata, Tupelo, Textile, Kauri, The Graph and more, drawing 100+ attendees. It was a wonderful day full of meeting and making new friends, enjoying the company of old ones, and most importantly, intriguing conversations.

So in that spirit of ETHDenvers past, the IPFS Help Desk, spearheaded by Pinata back in 2019 (opens new window), will be back this year, helmed by your favorite IPFS community folks, so be sure to come visit us in the Spork Shill Zone, right next to the 🥰 Textile booth 🥰, every day that the Virtual Castle is open and ask all of your questions, from hacking to hoping, and everything in between.

Since we can’t be together in Denver for another full day of Decentralized Summiting, we decided to hack together virtually on Tuesday, February 9, starting at the IPFS Help Desk, and moving to Zoom for 2 sessions after the Virtual Castle closes for the day.

Hack the Help Desk! Tuesday, February 9 (all times local to Denver, Mountain Time)

  • Session 1: Virtual Castle at Help Desk - 9am to 11am
  • Session 2: TBD Zoom - 11am to 1pm
  • Session 3: TBD Zoom - 1pm to 3pm

We are so excited to be a part of this amazing experience once again, and stay tuned for more information on our bounties and IPFS community presentations! We can’t wait to share more with you very soon, but for now, make sure you won’t miss out!

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Join us at the Virtual Sports Castle for the year of the Spork Marmot