Meet the New IPFS Blog & News

Meet the New IPFS Blog & News
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If you're a regular reader of the IPFS blog, you might notice something a little different around here: The IPFS Starlog is now the new and improved IPFS Blog & News!

# What's new

Starting with rounds of user interviewing and testing at the end of 2020, we set about improving this blog to give the global IPFS community more of what readers asked for: more worldwide IPFS news, more links to tutorials and other learning resources, and an easier place to find information about things like IPFS events and the latest release notes for IPFS projects and repos. To that end, we're excited to say that this new IPFS Blog & News site is your home for not only the latest from the IPFS blog, but also info on ...

  • Events, hackathons, and other virtual and real-world get-togethers
  • News coverage from global media sources
  • IPFS tutorials and other how-tos from across the internet
  • Videos on IPFS and related projects that have made the blog team go "wow"
  • Release notes for go-ipfs, js-ipfs, GUI tools like IPFS Companion and IPFS Desktop, and other key projects and repos
  • Academic papers featuring IPFS

Plus, we've added subject tags, author indexing, and text search to make it easier to find just what you're looking for — and to explore new ideas and topics from there.

# Be a part of the new site!

Ever wanted to be a citizen reporter? Here's your chance. As a member of the global IPFS community, your voice is important in making sure the new IPFS Blog & News becomes a truly useful one-stop shop for information and events. If you've got an item that you think belongs on the site — like a meetup, an interesting news link, or a helpful tutorial or video — submit it using this handy form (opens new window) and a member of the blog team will review. It only takes a moment, and it helps everyone in the IPFS ecosystem learn from and engage with each other!

# And thanks are in order ...

Big thanks to everyone in the IPFS community who was a part of the relaunch — suggesting features, taking part in user testing, writing the code, or adding blog posts and links. We look forward to your thoughts on the new blog & news site ... and don't forget, you can always submit news links, events, papers, tutorials or videos yourself by using this handy form (opens new window).