Using IPFS to help with Scaling Ethereum

Using IPFS to help with Scaling Ethereum

As the Ethereum community looks to enter the sixth year of collaborating on the world’s most actively used blockchain, many builders eagerly anticipate the next phase of Eth2. Scaling is an inevitable part of any successful open source project, and it presents many complex challenges. Enter Scaling Ethereum (opens new window), another event Protocol Labs is happy to partner on with the ETHGlobal (opens new window) team.

Scaling Ethereum is a 4-week hackathon and virtual summit focused on upgrading the foundation of Ethereum and Eth2 by inviting the global community to collaborate around a vision for a better Ethereum. Anticipate hands-on workshops, technical talks, interesting prizes, and complex problem solving when you join.

# How to find us

Both the IPFS and Filecoin projects will be showing their support for the Ethereum community during this event. Ask questions and get support in the the #sponsor-protocol-labs channel in the Scaling Ethereum Discord (opens new window).

Also join us on April 14 at 15:30 CDT for 🛠 Scaling infrastructure for the Interplanetary Web 🛠 with Dietrich Ayala, developer onboarding and ecosystem support lead for Protocol Labs.

# We’re staking $7500 in Prizes

Protocol Labs has four prize options for scaling all the things, which it may choose to split up amongst multiple winners if too many of you build amazing projects:

  • 💮 NFT Metadata Updater, $1875 in FIL: Mo minting, mo problems. Best method for managing signed permissioned and timestamped updates to NFT metadata stored on IPFS via any L2 chain
  • 🏁 Filecoin Turbo Retrieval, $1875 in FIL: Best method of bundling, managing, warming up, pre-flighting or otherwise speeding up payment channel process for easy mass retrieval from Filecoin.
  • ⛵️ Sailing the Sea of CIDs, $1875 in FIL: You’re publishing everything to IPFS by default now, but… dude, where’s my stuff? Best tool, service, website or library for working with large collections of IPFS CIDs.
  • 🤝 Filecoin Super Disputer, $1875 in FIL: Disputing optimistic Window PoST proofs is a fun and profitable hobby, that also will impress your friends… but how to show off? Best prize for a disputer history visualizer, leaderboard or other panoramic view of this hot new community.

More details for all prizes here (opens new window), and ask us in the #sponsor-protocol-labs channel on the ETHGlobal Discord for more info!

# But, where to get started… 🤔

Learn how to use IPFS to deploy infrastructure in this video from IPFS Camp 2019.

Discover how Filecoin integrations create powerful opportunities for Web3 infrastructure.

Find code examples, tutorials, and other resources on the IPFS documentation site (opens new window) and the Filecoin documentation site (opens new window). For more information, visit the Scaling Ethereum site (opens new window) to register, or ping us on Twitter with your questions at @IPFS or @Filecoin. See you there!