IPFS & Filecoin Chainlink Hackathon winners

IPFS & Filecoin Chainlink Hackathon winners

Earlier this spring, IPFS & Filecoin teamed up with Chainlink to sponsor the Chainlink Spring 2021 hackathon (opens new window), an event focused on building the next generation of smart contracts with Chainlink Oracles. Oracles are a way to connect smart contracts to the world outside the blockchain, so we were very eager to see what hackers would come up with. Read on to see the winners of the Protocol Labs prizes.

# Our challenges: Show us your best ✨

We staked $5000 USD worth of prizes across five different categories: archiving, storage, NFTs, HTTP data, and a creative every day use, to see what would inspire the best builds.

Out of 144 total submissions, 38 chose to build with IPFS, Filecoin, or libp2p, so we had a tough road to narrow it down to the following five.

# Prize #1 Winner: Edu4All - Decentralized Education Platform

🗄 Best use of Chainlink for archiving or republishing data for provenance or archiving to combat dis/misinformation

Created by Amr Zahran and Tosho Toshev, Edu4ALL (opens new window) describes itself as a dapp with “the aim to connect students from all regions of the world with accredited certifications recognized globally in order to provide a quality education for all students.” With a React frontend, they were able to connect to the blockchain via Metamask to create this educational platform.

View their showcase (opens new window) and source code (opens new window).

# Prize #2 Winner: CryptoLlama

⛓ Best tool for easing storing and retrieval of data with Filecoin for use in Chainlink or oraclizing Filecoin chain events

Created by Alice M. and Yuchen Zhao, CryptoLlama (opens new window) is a location-based NFT AR game built with both Chainlink VRF contracts and cute crypto llamas! By utilizing React and Viro AR package to build the AR app, Solidity smart contracts and Chainlink VRF they were able to create the dynamic cryptollama NFTs with random characteristics that were cute and creative.

View their showcase (opens new window) and source code (opens new window).

# Prize #3 Winner: Korea Heritage and History NFT

🖼 Best use of IPFS or Filecoin for NFTs - maybe it’s archiving, maybe it’s provenance connections, maybe it’s aggregation, maybe it’s tooling, maybe it’s up to you.

The Korea Heritage and History NFT (opens new window) platform was built by the team of Seongwon Kwak, Melissa Ann Wilkinson, Valijon Khalilov, Bin Yoon, and Park Hyein, with the intention of recording Korea’s invaluable heritage over a period of 5,000 years and safely preserving it by converting it into NFT tokens.

View their showcase (opens new window) and source code (opens new window).

# Prize #4 Winner: Stonent Project

🖥 Best IPFSizing of HTTP data - Chainlink is often used to pull data from the regular web, why not autopublish to IPFS while you’re there?

Created by Vladimir, Степан Самсонов, and Anton Lebedev, the Stonent Project (opens new window) helps NFT-artists fight against intellectual property theft by using a neural network to detect plagiarism, ERC-1155 tokens, and Chainlink.

View their showcase (opens new window) and source code (opens new window).

# Prize #5 Winner: Parametric Digital Asset Risk Management

🛠 Best Hack We’ll Use Every Day that uses IPFS, Filecoin or libp2p

Created by Lukas Sexton, Mike Robinson, Seth A., and Luis R., Parametric Digital Asset Risk Management (opens new window) is a decentralized protocol offering protection to the risk-adverse to encourage DeFi lending and in the process, promote economic fairness. They created this protocol with Chainlink for data delivery for smart contracts, Scaffold-Eth for a development framework, and IPFS to deploy, host, and load their website.

View their showcase (opens new window) and source code (opens new window).

Congratulations to the many creative builders behind these amazing projects! Thank you for joining Chainlink, IPFS & Filecoin in pushing the boundaries the decentralized web just a little bit further.

# Missed out?

Catch up on some of the workshops and code-alongs that took place during the event from teams in our ecosystem!

Dietrich Ayala, IPFS Developer Onboarding lead, hosted this introduction and demo showing how IPFS and Chainlink go hand-in-hand.

# Store your NFTs, assets, and databases on Filecoin

Andrew W. Hill, co-founder and CEO at Textile (opens new window), joined the event to show how easy it is to get started with storage on Filecoin.

# How to Decentralize the Front-end of your Web Application

Samuele Agostinelli from Fleek (opens new window), was also there to share a workshop on decentralized hosting and storage.

# Want to get involved in a future hackathon?

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