We're proud to share another video in the Building Web3 Video Series (opens new window), an ongoing showcase of technologists, teams, and visionaries who are building valuable tools and services for an ever-growing, ever-changing Web3 world.

Produced by the video team at Protocol Labs, the Building Web3 series is devoted to telling the stories behind the projects, products, and technologies that are shaping the future of the internet for developers and end users alike. In this series, we're aiming to share details not only about the technologies on the vanguard of a new decentralized web revolution, but also the human side — the stories of the people leading this revolution, the dreams and goals they're fulfilling with the tools, products, and services they build, and the immense impact that a growing decentralized web is already having on the world at large.

With those goals in mind, showcasing IPFS pinning and file management service Pinata (opens new window) in our most recent video was an easy choice. The Pinata team has truly been a pioneer in the Web3 space, not to mention a longstanding collaborator with IPFS over the years, and the Pinata team's dedication to clear developer and user communication and education made it a joy to help tell their origin story and showcase their service portfolio to the Web3 world as a whole. Like many in the Web3 space, the Pinata team started out trying to solve their own problem — utilizing blockchains effectively without having to store massive amounts of data on-chain — and quickly realized the solution could benefit the entire developer and user community. (For the rest of the story, check out the video!)

Today, Pinata builds tools and infrastructure that make it easy for Web3 developers to create and manage content on IPFS while also leading a charge in how the world stores, accesses, and verifies blockchain-linked content. As showcased in the video, one way in which all this comes together is the world of NFTs, where Pinata provides secure and verifiable file storage to considerably streamline the process of minting, selling, and transferring NFTs. With a friendly, intuitive user interface that makes the most of the IPFS Pinning Service API (opens new window), Pinata truly is a game-changer for Web3, making development easier and improving data confidence for a wide variety of use cases.

Through public-facing projects like the Building Web3 series, the video team at Protocol Labs (opens new window) is on a mission to celebrate innovative technologies. We're continually inspired by the talented entrepreneurs, developers, researchers, and dreamers who are making the Web3 space truly exceptional, and we look forward to working with even more builders to help tell their stories. As the landscape continues to evolve, it's up to us to communicate this mission to the world — whether that's exploring the details of how the technologies themselves solve core problems, or telling the stories of the people leading these world-changing efforts from labs, home offices, maker spaces, or virtual communities all over the globe. After all, one of the great promises of the decentralized web is its opening the opportunity to make a difference to any maker or builder, anywhere.

The Protocol Labs video team is always on the lookout for stories to tell about how the next generation of the web is evolving. If you've got an idea, email video@protocol.ai with the details so we can take a closer look!