Welcome to IPFS Weekly 162!

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 162!

Skiff Integrates IPFS to Bring Decentralization and Encryption to Consumers

Skiff (opens new window) has announced its integration of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) to add a secure, persistent, and decentralized storage layer to its collaboration product. Skiff is a private, decentralized, and end-to-end encrypted workspace for the modern web. The result of the IPFS integration will be a collaboration management application in which users can store files, images, content, PDFs, and more all through IPFS. Learn more about IPFS and Skiff (opens new window) (oh, and Skiff is live! Get started here (opens new window)).

Brand New on IPFS

  1. On Wednesday, the Igalia team will speak at BlinkOn about their work on adding new protocol handlers to Chromium in preparation for IPFS support. Tune in. (opens new window)
  2. IPFS and decentralized storage in action 💪 What happens when a site goes offline and decentralization kicks into action? See for yourself. (opens new window)
  3. Funding the Commons was on November 12th - in case you missed it, the recording is live now! Catch up. (opens new window)
  4. This week only! Today at 21:00 CET and tomorrow, Wednesday, the 17th, Discordian for IPFS/Filecoin Office Hours as a part of Web3 Jam (opens new window).

Around the Ecosystem

The Filecoin Forum Build Bounty winners have been announced. Check them out! (opens new window)

The League of Entropy is expanding the drand network and is looking for credible organisations to partner with. Check here (opens new window) for more details and get in touch!

Just announced - CSCON[1] is ChainSafe's second virtual summit on Dec 1-3, 2021. Hear from the best in Ethereum, Polkadot, Protocol Labs, Mina Protocol, and more at this virtual event. Register now (opens new window)!

The Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) is a core pillar of the future of web3 storage. Think trustless cross-chain computation and storage under 1 roof! Learn what the FVM is, the disruption it will kickstart, Data DAOs, & the development roadmap in this new blog post (opens new window).

Did you miss this Protocol Labs Research’s ConsensusDays21? Don’t fret - the recap and recording is now live, catch up (opens new window)!

Since its launch, 4EVERLAND has provided tens of thousands of developers with permanent storage based on IPFS. 4EVERLAND has announced its inaugural ‘First Leap’ program, with 15 million 4EVER and at least $150, 000 in rewards for projects developing on IPFS. Learn more and apply here. (opens new window)