Building Web3: Berty

Building Web3: Berty
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We're excited to share another video in the Building Web3 Video Series (opens new window), an ongoing showcase of technologists, teams, and visionaries who are building valuable tools and services for an ever-growing, ever-changing Web3 world.

Imagine having the ability to communicate freely and securely in any nation, in any situation, at any time—with or without internet access.

We’re lucky to live in a time where connecting with people anywhere in the world is not a question of if, but how fast and how often. Yet this power is not without risks. All centralized networks face threats to their stability and security. Web3 came about because Web2 is not able to offer the security and stability we need. Securing fragile apps on a fragile base is a nonstarter: That’s why engineers and developers are focused on building and strengthening Web3, and why Protocol Labs supports their efforts.

Cue Berty Protocol and Berty Messenger (opens new window).

Based in Paris, with a growing worldwide community, the NGO used IPFS to build the Berty Protocol, a distributed communication protocol which is also open-source and free to all.l. Berty is as well building an untraceable messaging system upon the scaffolding of Berty Protocol: Berty Messengeris truly peer-to-peer, with no central servers whatsoever. It’s owned and operated by everyone in the community, and it’s available to anyone who takes their digital privacy and security seriously.

On Berty, your data is encrypted end-to-end by default over a peer-to-peer network, which makes it virtually impossible to block or shut down the service without shutting down the entire internet. Metadata is also obscured to the point of irrelevance. Best of all, you can also communicate without being connected to the Internet, through a Bluetooth feature. You won't be able to tell the difference between being online or offline.

Berty’s goals align significantly with the mission of Protocol Labs: using open-source technology to connect and improve humanity in a decentralized, distributed, and dynamic way. As a leader in Web3, Berty’s code is 100 percent open source. Anyone with the skills and mindset can build on or contribute to the codebase. No single person is ever in control. Instead, the integrity of Berty rests in the hands of its users.

Berty is fast becoming the gold standard for decentralized, secure messaging for all those with a stake in protecting their privacy and security every hour of the day, in any corner of the world.

Visit Berty (opens new window) to find out more about the company, explore the Berty community, or become a contributor.

Private. Secure. Distributed. Open Source.