Announcing the Second Ever IPFS Camp!

Announcing the Second Ever IPFS Camp!
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Get ready for IPFS Camp 2022 (opens new window)! After a long hiatus, this incredible community is excited to come together again on October 28th-30th in Lisbon, Portugal.

IPFS Camp is a gathering for devs, operators, implementers, researchers – and you. Join the event for talks, workshops, discussion circles, hacking time, and more, all focused on celebrating and advancing IPFS. Check out the 2019 recap video (opens new window) and blog post (opens new window) for a taste of what to expect.

This will be a decentralized event with multiple tracks and track leads. Most tracks will be half-day or full-day; a few others may extend longer. Here are a few of the tracks in store:

  • IPFS Tools for Fun & Awesome: A highlights reel of the most exciting and useful user and developer tools for IPFS.
  • Learning IPFS 101: What is IPFS? What can it do for me, my projects, and the internet as a whole? How do I get started using or building with it?
  • Learning IPFS 201: How do I design production-grade applications with IPFS? How do things like CAR files and gateways work?
  • Operating IPFS at Scale: Talks from large-scale IPFS about their deployments, best practices, problems encountered, and solutions built.
  • Decentralized Science and IPFS.
  • Measurement and Performance: Talks about work measuring various aspects of IPFS, libp2p, or similar systems. Profiling, measurement, and takeaways and recommendations for builders.
  • Libp2p Day: A gathering of libp2p builders and users.
  • Growing with IPFS: Contributing, building, funding, grants, accelerators, decentralized job fair, and more ways to get involved.
  • Content Routing: Approaches and protocols to content routing in IPFS, what we've learned so far, and talks about possible directions for the future.
  • IPFS Implementations: A wave of new IPFS implementations has grown in the past year, and go-ipfs has evolved into kubo. Meet the teams behind each one, learn what each is best at, and see roadmaps for the future.
  • Artists, Creators, & IPFS: Learn how various artists and creators use IPFS. Learn what's important about decentralization, how to mint NFTs, and how different platforms stack up.
  • Gaming, Metaverse, and Video: Demos of how IPFS can save bandwidth and increase flexibility. Talks about directions for the future.

# Help make IPFS Camp awesome!

We want to showcase and celebrate users, builders, and contributors from across the globe. Please consider sharing your knowledge and experiences with the community by Applying to Speak (opens new window) or Suggesting a New Track (opens new window).

Tickets are available now (opens new window)! Stay tuned to the (opens new window) website for the very latest info and resources.