⛔️ js-IPFS deprecation / replaced by Helia 🌞

⛔️ js-IPFS deprecation / replaced by Helia 🌞

TL;DR: js-IPFS (opens new window) is being deprecated, and has been superseded by Helia (opens new window).

There are exciting times ahead for IPFS in JS. Some of you may have already heard of Helia (opens new window), the new implementation that's designed as a composable, lightweight, and modern replacement for js-IPFS.

It has a simplified API (opens new window) which can be extended by other modules depending on the requirements of your application such as @helia/unixfs (opens new window), @helia/ipns (opens new window), @helia/dag-cbor (opens new window) and others (opens new window).

It ships with the latest and greatest libp2p, which means it has the best connectivity options, including the new WebTransport (opens new window) and WebRTC (opens new window) transports that dramatically improve the connectivity options for browser environments.

js-IPFS is in the process of being deprecated (opens new window) so you should port your apps to Helia to receive bug fixes, features, and performance improvements moving forwards.

📚 Learn more about this deprecation (opens new window) or how to migrate (opens new window).

More new blog content discussing Helia coming soon!