The HTTP client libraries are being renamed!

by Alan Shaw on 2018-12-03

👋 hey everyone! If you’re using one of the many HTTP client libraries for IPFS then this blog post is for you!

The important news is that we’re renaming the HTTP client libraries from ipfs-api to ipfs-http-client. I know, it’s longer. BUT, and hear me out - it’s SOOO much better at describing what the module is.

In the past people have been baffled and outraged thinking ipfs-api is THE implementation of IPFS, when it’s not, it’s just a client to the HTTP API that IPFS exposes. We finally said, “Enough is enough! The people have been confused for far too long and we must change the name! We owe them this much!”, and with the utterance of those fabled words the gears were set in motion and this very blog post was committed to stone Github.

The JS module is DONE! You can still install ipfs-api with npm, but you’ll get a deprecation notice and no further updates will be published under that name.

Use npm install ipfs-http-client from now on! Don’t delay ⏰, update your package.json’s today!

You can also check on the progress over at