Welcome to IPFS News 196!

Welcome to IPFS News 196!

# An Observatory for the IPFS Network 🔭

We're excited to share that the ProbeLab team has worked hard over the past year to build a resilient and fully-automated infrastructure to monitor the performance of core IPFS stack protocols. The debut of this new measurement platform is big news, and you can learn all about it in a new post on the IPFS blog.

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# Brand New on IPFS ✨

A Rusty Bootstrapper (opens new window)

  • As of July 13, 2023, one of the four "public good" IPFS bootstrap nodes operated by Protocol Labs has been running rust-libp2p-server instead of Kubo, which uses go-libp2p. rust-libp2p-server is a thin wrapper around rust-libp2p. We run both Kubo and rust-libp2p-server on IPFS bootstrap nodes to increase resilience. Read more about it on the IPFS blog! (opens new window)

Dogfooding Announcement: IPFS-Companion Manifest v3 Changes (opens new window)

  • The PL EngRes Ignite team has achieved a significant milestone – the completion of IPFS-Companion Manifest v3 changes! IPFS-Companion is browser extension that makes browsing the IPFS web simpler. These changes promise to greatly enhance compatibility with browsers going forward and offer performance improvements. Read about it and get involved here! (opens new window)

IPFS Events Planning Meeting (opens new window)

  • The events team is kicking off a new Events Planning Call today. If you're interested in joining or participating, you can find these meetings on the IPFS Community Calendar, or you can register directly at lu.ma/ipfseventsplanning. Today's agenda will be to discuss timing for IPFS Camp and Thing for 2024. Timing will affect the locations that make the shortlist. Join us here! (opens new window)

Boxo v0.11.0 (opens new window)

# Around the Ecosystem 🌎

Guide: Setting Up a Website on the Distributed Web using Distributed Press (opens new window)

  • Distributed Press is a tool used to easily host content on distributed, peer-to-peer protocols such as IPFS and Hypercore, using open source tools created by the Distributed Press project. Publishing a static site on distributed protocols means that your website is more resilient and likely to stand the test of time. Learn how to do it here! (opens new window)

Anytype: A private hub for all your data (opens new window)

  • Meet Anytype, a private hub for all your data: docs, tasks, files, bookmarks, contacts and more. It’s built on a new architecture that protects your privacy and data sovereignty, even when working across devices. Use it to create elegant dashboards, documents, and knowledge graphs. Try it out here! (opens new window)

Fleek Network announces new edge platform (opens new window)

Admarus: A Peer-to-Peer Search Engine for IPFS (opens new window)

Beloga: A Decentralized Blogging Platform (opens new window)

Filebase introduces custom comain support for dedicated IPFS gateways (opens new window)

IPFSnodes.com (opens new window)

Open Data Hackathon (opens new window)

The Evolution of Filecoin and IPFS: An Overview of Challenges and Future Opportunities (opens new window)

  • A new article on FileMarket about the evolution of Filecoin and IPFS that is based on an AMA with Juan Benet during Filecoin Unleashed Paris 2023. Read through it here!