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This is the IPFS Starlog, a series of communications about the IPFS Project. These posts are written by the IPFS team, and members of the broader community. The subject matter is broad: project news, protocol explanations, stories, usage examples, application spotlights, and more.

Starlog entries: 205

ipld-explorer-cli 0.14 released

There’s a new version of the ipld-explorer-cli tool for exploring IPLD data! Let’s break down those acronyms and explain why I’m so excited about this.

js-ipfs 0.32.0 released

A pinch of IPNS, some chunking of files and you’ll have a delicious IPFS stew for supper. Better head over to your nearest modules'R'us store because #JS #IPFS 0.

js-ipfs 0.31.0 released

Restoring IPFS magic one alakazam at a time…no we’re not talking pokemon. They grow up so fast 😿 #JS #IPFS 0.

js-libp2p 0.23.0 released

js-libp2p just got its first official release #libp2p #JS v0.23.0 🚀 ✔ Test ✔ Build dist version ✔ Update Contributors list ✔ v0.

js-ipfs 0.30.0 released

Feature parity with go-ipfs just got a whole lot closer! js-ipfs 0.30 has been released live at the #IPFS Dev Meeting.

go-libp2p 6.0.0 released

🔦 go-libp2p 6.0.0 release notes We’re pleased to announce go-libp2p 6.0.0. This release includes a massive refactor of go-libp2p that paves the way for new transports such as QUIC.

js-ipfs 0.29.0 released

I love the smell of a new release in the morning 😁#IPFS #JS v0.29.0 🚀 ✔ Test ✔ Build dist version ✔ Update Contributors list ✔ Bump Version: v0.

Announcements: IPFS Conf, Developer Meetings for IPFS & libp2p and a User Registry

Update The target timeline for IPFS Conf has been changed to 2019. The original post listed a tentative date of November 2018.

A look at go-ipfs on Windows

go-ipfs is built on top of Golang, which allows for some cross platform compatibility. However, it doesn’t cover everything. Over the past few weeks, we’ve fine-tuned several aspects of the Windows experience to fix errors and remove inconsistencies.