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This is the IPFS Starlog, a series of communications about the IPFS Project. These posts are written by the IPFS team, and members of the broader community. The subject matter is broad: project news, protocol explanations, stories, usage examples, application spotlights, and more.

Starlog entries: 224

A look at go-ipfs on Windows

go-ipfs is built on top of Golang, which allows for some cross platform compatibility. However, it doesn’t cover everything. Over the past few weeks, we’ve fine-tuned several aspects of the Windows experience to fix errors and remove inconsistencies.

IPFS Companion 2.2.0 brings window.ipfs to your Browser

We are pleased to announce to everyone in our community that a new version of our browser extension has been released!

go-ipfs 0.4.14 released

go-ipfs 0.4.14 has been released today. Not only have we improved memory and CPU usage but we also managed to fix a lot of bugs, ship a major improvement to IPNS performance and lots of refactoring!

js-ipfs 0.28.0 released

Excited to share with you all today that js-ipfs v0.28.0 has been released! This release brings a panoply of bug fixes, perf improvements, testing improvements and new features.

js-ipfs 0.27.0 released

I’m happy to announce that js-ipfs v0.27.0 has been released! This release brings a new transport to the libp2p family, perf improvements and stability (add files with 10x the size!

js-ipfs 0.26.0 released

Today, we’ve released js-ipfs 0.26.0. This release brings bug fixes, performance improvements, git support, http gateway and more! Aaaand it is released!

Decentralized Real-Time Collaborative Documents - Conflict-free editing in the browser using js-ipfs and CRDTs

With the introduction of IPFS PubSub, it became possible for IPFS nodes to declare shared pubsub topics, broadcasting updates in real-time to other nodes in the network that have subscribed to the topic.

Distributed pubsub primitives for js-ipfs in the Browser

IPFS pubsub was first introduced in September 2016 behind an experimental flag. This initial implementation allowed orbit, a chat application built on top of IPFS, to become fully distributed.

js-ipfs 0.25.0 released

Today, we’ve released js-ipfs 0.25.0. This release is mostly maintenance, bug fixing and bringing some of the internal components up to their latest versions.