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This is the IPFS Starlog, a series of communications about the IPFS Project. These posts are written by the IPFS team, and members of the broader community. The subject matter is broad: project news, protocol explanations, stories, usage examples, application spotlights, and more.

Starlog entries: 224

go-ipfs 0.4.10 released

Yesterday was the 3rd birthday of go-ipfs. To celebrate, we would like to share some virtual cake 🎂 with ipfs users and contributors from all over the world, and also announce the release of go-ipfs 0.

js-ipfs 0.24.0 released

I am pleased to announce to everyone in our community that js-ipfs 0.24.0 has been successfully launched! This new minor release brings new features, bug fixes and new examples so that you can jump in and start hacking your IPFS enabled apps right away!

Take a look at pubsub on IPFS

We recently merged a simple, experimental pubsub implementation into IPFS. This implementation is just a beginning. It is far from the performance and security goals we will achieve in our long-term target.

Uncensorable Wikipedia on IPFS

UPDATE: There are now English and Kurdish versions of Wikipedia on IPFS as well as the Turkish verison. You can find the latest hashes for all of our Wikipedia snapshots in this YAML file

js-ipfs 0.23.0 released

Today we’re happy to announce that we have released js-ipfs version 0.23.0. Highlights DAG API (IPLD Support) Interoperability with go-ipfs Bootstrap nodes Easier initialization Datastore New tutorials jsipfs add --wrap-with-directory feature Support for unixfs sharding Installation npm install --save ipfs@0.

Run IPFS latest on a VPS

The best way to provide content using IPFS is to run your own IPFS node. You can do this by running an IPFS node on your personal computer, but that will only work as long as your computer is running.

go-ipfs 0.4.4 has been released

go-ipfs 0.4.4 has been released today, including an important hotfix for a bug we discovered in how pinning works. If you had a large number of pins, new pins would overwrite existing pins.

Join us for the Q3 Roadmap review calls

Our next weekly call will be focused on roadmaps. We will be planning our roadmaps for the rest of 2016. You’re invited to join in!

go-ipfs 0.4.3 has been released

go-ipfs 0.4.3 has been released today, and we’re incredibly proud as it’s the fastest and most stable IPFS ever. Give it a try as soon as you can, we’re sure you’ll like it as much as we do.