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This is the IPFS Starlog, a series of communications about the IPFS Project. These posts are written by the IPFS team, and members of the broader community. The subject matter is broad: project news, protocol explanations, stories, usage examples, application spotlights, and more.

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ipscend - Publish static web content to IPFS

ipscend is a new tool to help developers publish their static web content to IPFS and share it easily, while keeping history and more.

Run IPFS in a Docker container

In recent years, Docker and a few other projects have redefined how we run server applications. In the future, we might be running containerized apps in our personal devices.

Hello Worlds

> echo "hello worlds" | ipfs add
added QmZ4tDuvesekSs4qM5ZBKpXiZGun7S2CYtEZRB3DYXkjGx
> ipfs cat QmZ4tDuvesekSs4qM5ZBKpXiZGun7S2CYtEZRB3DYXkjGx
hello worlds

Greetings Internet!

This post kicks off the official IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) Blog. This is long overdue– the project is many months old. We will be making a series of posts explaining various aspects of IPFS, its development, our growing community, and so on. This blog will also be used to make all important announcements henceforth.