Highlights of Testground 2022

Highlights of Testground 2022

Testground is a platform for testing and benchmarking distributed systems. We used it before to work on massive improvements to IPFS DHT, Filecoin Network, and libp2p. This year, the IPDX team (opens new window) re-ignited the project. We started two collaborations, created a new use case for interoperability testing, and welcomed new users and contributors.

Now that the end of the year is near; it is time for a “bragging session” and to share our master plan to take over the CIs of the entire Protocol Labs Network!

# 🔌 A new use case: interoperability testing for libp2p (opens new window)

Using Testground, the libp2p team is now testing interoperability between many implementations and versions. The newly introduced tests cover go-libp2p and rust-libp2p versions already, and js and nim support is in the works.


We also presented how Testground powers libp2p interoperability testing at IPFS Camp (opens new window) (Youtube).

# 🤹 Massive stability improvements for supported SDKs

Testground has an issue with flakiness. The project's stability has been on our minds throughout the year, and we have made significant strides in this area.


# 🐘 EKS Support

Testground is also designed to run large network tests spanning far beyond what a single machine can handle. With Testground on EKS (opens new window) (managed Kubernetes service from AWS), we can support tests with more than 10k nodes.


# ✨ And sooooo much more

✨ The team also dusted off SDKs (opens new window) and examples (opens new window), helped improve ARM support (opens new window). We introduced new features (opens new window), bug fixes (opens new window), and brought many more improvements (opens new window).

# 🫶 New Users

New users and contributors are joining the project!

# 🚀 What's Next

We shared a Roadmap (opens new window) for what is coming to Testground in 2023. Here are the highlights.

✨ Testground is like that kid in the back of the class, "great potential, needs more attention.” We believe it's brilliant, and we'd like to encourage you to join us (opens new window)!

Whether you already know Testground and can't wait for improvements, or you are discovering the project and thinking about using it, we'd like to hear more from you: