Welcome to IPFS Weekly 104

by Jenn Turner on 2020-09-09

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy!

Join us Thursday for a community meetup

It’s September so it’s time for the IPFS community to gather once again! This month we’ll have guests from IoTeX, the folks behind Ucam, plus the creators of IPFS Recovery, an update from the go-IPFS maintainers, and more. Sign up to give a lightning talk and share what you’ve been building with IPFS!

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Chrome Beta added support for ipfs:// and ipns://

Hot on the heels of the news of Chromium’s support for dweb protocols (including ipfs://) comes the announcement that Chrome Beta extended their safelist distributed web schemes for registerProtocolHandler(). IPFS was included alongside cabal, dat, did, dweb, ethereum, hyper, ipns, and ssb.

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Interested in putting your IPFS project on Filecoin?

Calling all builders! We’re looking for as many IPFS projects as possible to integrate with Filecoin by September 18. Protocol Labs can potentially offer grants, as well as support from our engineering team and community, for large projects that can hit this timeline. Check out how to deploy your app to the network and tools like Textile’s Powergate that makes integration much easier. Reach out to ipfs-to-filecoin-testnet@protocol.ai if you are interested or have any questions.

Brand new on IPFS

People are building the coolest things with IPFS

Check out Parcel, a decentralized, crypto payroll service with built-in end-to-end data encryption using Sablier, Filecoin and IPFS.

Alfonso de la Rocha strikes again, this time with Hash Array Mapped Tries (HAMT) to the rescue!

What’s the latest in Berty news?

Matthew Gould and Bradley Kam, of Unstoppable Domains, talk about the future of dweb in the latest episode from The Boost VC Podcast.

Over 200 Graph Nodes were deployed in The Graph’s Testnet

This, we love: Blockchain, Creativity and Arts Intertwine: Use Cases and Notable Projects

Projects using IPFS got some love as part of the Web3 Foundation Grants Wave 6 Recipients.

ETHGlobal’s biggest event of the year

Next month, ETHGlobal kicks off 30-days of hackathons, summits, workshops, and events in their biggest event of the year, focused on the idea that Ethereum can change things. With over 20,000 USD available in prizes, what will you build?

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Job hunting? Work on IPFS!

Remote Senior Software Engineer: We are looking for talented engineers to help us design, build, and architect the most difficult parts of the Audius protocol—high availability services for decentralized replication of data, latency-sensitive distributed file transfers, Ethereum smart contracts, infrastructure, tooling, and more. Audius, Remote

UI Engineer: Come build scalable front-end applications, experiment with new technologies, and build beautiful products. Textile, Remote

Project Lead, libp2p: This is a unique opportunity to take ownership of a massively successful open source project and carry it through its next phase of growth. Protocol Labs, Remote

Senior Developer Advocate, IPFS: Provide tactical support for the IPFS community, creating a global community strategy, and executing this strategy on the ground! Protocol Labs, Remote

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