Welcome to IPFS Weekly 118

by Jenn Turner on 2020-12-16

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy!

How researchers taught Bitswap nodes to jump

In their continuing journey to drive speed-ups on file transfers by way of the data exchange subsystem known as Bitswap, the research team at Protocol Labs recently shared their latest learnings on introducing new behaviors to behavior to Bitswap. Check it out!

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Pinata announces Scoped API Keys

If you attended Friday’s IPFS December meetup, you got a sneak peek at this announcement, and now here it is! Pinata now has scoped API keys. Prior to this release, each Pinata account was issued one API Key and one API Secret. With this new feature, you issue multiple keys and that’s not all!

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Learn to encrypt, store, and recover user-managed secrets with IDX

Ceramic wants to teach you the best way to keep secrets with IDX. In this recent tutorial, you’ll get step-by-step instructions, including how to use JWEs (JSON schemas for the encrypted payload) alongside decentralized identifiers (DIDs), and more.

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Brand new on IPFS

People are building the coolest stuff with IPFS

Help to translate Berty!

Learn how to build ERC-721 NFTs with IPFS and Pinata

Catch up on this Unstoppable AMA with Brad Kam from last week.

Discover building with decentralized identity on IDX and Ceramic

Build your Decentralised Governance Reputation with Snapshot and 3Box

Why Ethereum Keys are the Core of Space Accounts, from the folks at Space.

Check out this Sqlite based block store for content-addressed data like IPLD in Rust.

Now you too can do IPFS file encryption in Node.js.

LiquidApps explains how to turn Ordinary Users Into Extraordinary Agents.

Decentralized Web Seattle meets Dec 17th

On Thursday, Filecoin lead Pooja Shah will be at Seattle’s favorite dweb meetup to talk about decentralized storage networks. Don’t miss out!

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Job hunting? Work on IPFS!

DevOps Engineer: Your goal is to maintain the integrity of the infrastructure currently in place, with an ever-present goal of 100% service and application uptime. district0x, Remote.

Ecosystem Developer: We are looking for a technical community manager to help us create a world-class developer ecosystem and experience around our open source community. 3Box, Remote.

Software Engineer - Low Level JavaScript: you will be responsible for pushing the limits of p2p technology within browser environments. Your work will range from optimizing crypto and networking libraries to designing user experiences around difficult usability challenges. 3Box, Remote.

Technical Writer: who can primarily create high-quality technical content, but has some other adjacent skills as well in the form of graphic design and/or video editing. Contract, Remote.

Take care of yourselves and each other. ❤️

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