Welcome to IPFS Weekly 126

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 126

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System (opens new window) galaxy!

# Gitcoin Grants Round 9 starts tomorrow

Our friends at Gitcoin are kicking off round 9 of their grants program with a $~500k matching pool to distribute to the community. Expect a jam-packed schedule with a series of webinars, workshops, and community discussions around the grants round and hackathon with industry leaders, grantees, and hackathon sponsors during the 4-week long event.

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# Introducing Gasless Wallet

Continuing our series of ETHDenver project spotlights the Gasless Wallet, which allows users without eth to interact with Ethereum using other tokens. Created by Hakeem Orewole, Abdulhafiz Ahmed, and Mike Adediran, the gasless wallet is chain-agnostic and hosted on IPFS. Check it out!

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# Read about the rise of NFTs

Looking for an introduction to NFTs and IPFS? Look no further than this recent post from Ether-1 about their fight for anti-censorship and decentralization. Read on to learn how Ether-1 and ethoFS can help evolve the NFT ecosystem.

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# Brand new on IPFS

# Around the ecosystem 🌏

Read the Scala Review 2021 (opens new window): Keep your personal information secure

NEW: Polkadot now (opens new window) supported on Ledger Live

Announcing IPFS for Creators (opens new window), an upcoming series of technical workshops and written resources about IPFS tools and platforms that empower full ownership of content and storage.

The Float protocol (opens new window) site is now hosted on IPFS, courtesy of Fleek.

Read about the decentralized internet (opens new window) you can use right now.

Check out this Brave browser review (opens new window) from the DEV Community.

Not the folks behind insurance premium financing solutions!

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