Welcome to IPFS Weekly 128: NFTHack, Mint an NFT, Free Filecoin Retrieval, and More

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 128: NFTHack, Mint an NFT, Free Filecoin Retrieval, and More

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System (opens new window) galaxy!

# IPFS x NFTHack, a brief recap

NFTHack has come and gone, but if you missed it, check out all of the cool builds and projects in the NFTHack showcase. For a deeper look, watch the finale and see the top-10 awarded projects.

Quick stats from NFTHack:

  • 👤 134 Users
    • Almost 1/4 of all hackers at the event.
  • 🏗 ~10% of ALL projects used the JS client for nft.storage (182 projects total)
    • 1,219 total downloads from npm (Mar 15 → Mar 21)
  • 📌 1,204 NFTs stored
  • 💿 890MB of NFT data stored

Looking for more on NFTs? Join our April meetup (opens new window) to learn more about what people are building with IPFS x NFTs.

# Mint an NFT with IPFS!

Dive into the details of NFT minting with IPFS and Ethereum with the brand new guide Mint an NFT with IPFS (opens new window) on the docs site. In this tutorial, you’ll get to know Minty, a simple tool that creates IPFS-backed non-fungible tokens on Ethereum. In this workshop (opens new window), Yusef from Protocol Labs shows how (and why!) to store NFT assets and metadata on IPFS and how to link that data to an on-chain token. If the code overview in the video has you wanting more, the Minty repo (opens new window) is waiting for you to clone it and play around!

# Free Filecoin Retrieval via IPFS

Interested in learning about how to retrieve Filecoin deals for free via IPFS? Check out this recent demo (opens new window) by PL Researcher, Alan Shaw, as he walks through a proof-of-concept showing a Lotus miner making deal data available over bitswap to other IPFS nodes.

# Brand new on IPFS

# Around the ecosystem 🌏

Check out Peergos’ latest feature (opens new window) making it easier to connect with your real life friends, family and colleagues with private and customizable profiles.

Apply now (opens new window) to attend a workshop on decentralizing the internet, with a focus on IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and IPLD, taking place at a premier networking conference. Call for papers, demos, and contributions due March 31st.

Textile Hub (opens new window) is now running IPFS v0.8!

The latest from Fleek (opens new window): their new and improved Hosting CLI, new Fleek GitHub Actions and introducing Fleek’s GraphQL API.

ICYMI: rust-libp2p v0.36.0 (opens new window) was released last week!

Textile’s go-buckets (opens new window) have been released in their own repo. Plus fast unixfs dag sync for ipfs + libp2 are about to be enhanced with an IPFS Pinning API in every bucket (opens new window).

IPFS was a popular topic at Fission’s recent demo day (opens new window).

# Upcoming 📅

The April IPFS meetup will be an opportunity to showcase what the community has been building with NFTs! Sign up here (opens new window) to present, or register to attend (opens new window) the April 27th event and learn more about the world of IPFS x NFTs!

# Want to help build the new internet?

Senior Go Engineer (opens new window): As a Senior Go Engineer, you will be responsible for writing and maintaining code on the Textile Go libraries, including Threads, Buckets, Hub, and Powergate. This role is for someone with solid coding experience and the ability to lead new features. Textile, Remote.

Full Stack Engineer (opens new window): Fleek is looking for an experienced and dedicated Full Stack Engineer to help us build the leading Open Web developer platform, products, and tools. Fleek, Remote.

Partner Engineering Lead (opens new window): Protocol Labs is seeking a Senior Partner Engineer who will help us support, connect, and grow IPFS’s many online and offline communities. Protocol Labs, Remote.

If it’s not on IPFS, it’s not your NFT!

Get involved with IPFS by checking us out on GitHub (opens new window), joining discussions on our community forum (opens new window), or hitting us up in chat (opens new window). Have a suggestion? Email us.

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