Welcome to IPFS Weekly 135

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 135

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System (opens new window) galaxy!

# Audius Uses IPFS for Content Streaming Storage to Empower Artists & Creators Worldwide

The IPFS community is proud to share another video in the Building Web3 Video Series (opens new window), which is dedicated to technologists, teams, and visionaries who are building valuable tools and services for a Web3 world. The latest video features Audius (opens new window), a music and audio sharing platform that uses IPFS as the core decentralized storage component in their mission to give everyone the freedom to share, monetize and listen to any audio. Read our recent blog post to learn more about the IPFS and Audius collaboration. (opens new window)

# Congrats, Gitcoin Grants Round 9 winners!

For the Gitcoin GR9 Hackathon, Protocol Labs matched 100% of Textile (opens new window) and Fleek’s (opens new window) bounties in effort to amplify the ability of our ecosystem collaborators to be stewards of the IPFS/Filecoin ecosystem and decentralize growth and development. Moreover, $23k in bounties for Filecoin and IPFS were offered to encourage the best of the best for tools, libraries, APIs, apps, integrations, and more.

Winners were selected from 167 projects total, with 36 submissions to our ecosystem bounties, read this post to learn all about the winning projects - congratulations! (opens new window)

# Brand new on IPFS

# Around the ecosystem 🌏

SpaceX and Elon Musk are using IPFS for all of their interplanetary storage needs in Saturday Night Live’s skit from last week! Watch now. (opens new window)

Creating NFTs? Learn how to “Get NFTs Right” on VideoCoin’s blog. (opens new window)

Kotal v0.1-alpha.3 has been released with support for IPFS peers, swarm, and cluster peers! Read all about it. (opens new window)

DFinity premiered their “Genesis Launch Event” with speakers from Fleek and others last week. Watch. (opens new window)

Looking for a full NFT reading list? The DWeb team created this great resource to get started. (opens new window)

Scaling Ethereum ends this week! Make sure to submit your projects (opens new window) for your chance at prizes from IPFS, Filecoin, and others.

Looking for free NFT storage? Learn about Protocol Labs’ NFT.Storage in CryptoNinjas. (opens new window)

# Want to help build the new internet?

Backend/Platform Engineer: (opens new window) 3Box Labs is looking for a Backend Engineer who will build key infrastructure components and support reliable deployments for us and the community. 3Box Labs, Remote.

Protocol Engineer: (opens new window) 3Box Labs is looking for a Protocol Engineer to extend the security, privacy, functionality, and performance of the Ceramic Protocol. 3Box Labs, Remote.

Multiple Positions Open (opens new window): Protocol Labs has updated their job board with openings across positions in Administration, Business Development, Business Operations, Communications, Community, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Talent, Product, Project Management, Research, & Security. Protocol Labs, Filecoin, IPFS, Remote.

Software Engineers (opens new window): Seeking seasoned software engineers with specializations in cryptography and systems, distributed systems, and peer-to-peer networks to help shape the next generation of network protocols. Filecoin, IPFS, lib2p2, Remote.

Senior Full Stack Engineer (opens new window): This role is for someone with solid coding experience who likes to experiment, design, and learn new things. We are looking to fill this position soon. We are looking for someone who can rapidly scope and build new web applications and work with APIs and backend services. Textile, Remote.

Senior Go Engineer (opens new window): As a Senior Go Engineer, you will be responsible for writing and maintaining code on the Textile Go libraries, includingThreads (opens new window),Buckets (opens new window),Hub (opens new window), andPowergate (opens new window). This role is for someone with solid coding experience and the ability to lead new features.Textile, Remote.

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