Welcome to IPFS Weekly 140: Starling Lab, Web3 Weekend, Snapshot Labs, and More

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 140: Starling Lab, Web3 Weekend, Snapshot Labs, and More

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System (opens new window) galaxy!

# Starling Lab: Establishing Trust for Humanity’s Data

Announcing the launch of Starling Lab, a commitment to continue building the frameworks required to endow humanity’s most vital digital information with trust. In collaboration with the USC Shoah Foundation and Stanford University, Starling Lab is deploying technology and methods that make the decentralized internet a viable platform for social impact. With an initial commitment of $2 million in funding from Protocol Labs and the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web, the Starling Lab is the first center in the world dedicated to using decentralized tools to advance human rights.

Core to the Starling Lab solution is the Starling Framework, a set of open-source prototypes, best practices, and case studies built upon IPFS and Filecoin that help to reduce information uncertainty in digital media. The Starling Framework rests on the fundamental need to capture, store, and verify information to protect its integrity. Read more about Starling Lab here (opens new window).

# Web3 Weekend in Review

What better way to dive into all things Web3 than a weekend hackathon? The folks at ETHGlobal thought so, and we joined them during the last weekend in May for Web3 Weekend (opens new window).

This three-day event kicked off with a full-day summit, bringing together experts and luminaries from across the ecosystem to encourage and inspire builders to challenge the idea of what’s possible with decentralized technologies. Over the weekend, we offered a combined $20,000 Filecoin (FIL) prize pool distributed evenly between all submissions built on or with IPFS or Filecoin during Web3 Weekend. Any project built with ecosystem tools like Textile, Pinata, Fleek, Ceramic, Fission, Livepeer, and more received a prize—over 65 finalists in total! Check out this post (opens new window) for a full recap including challenges and finalists, as well as Protocol Labs’ talks and workshops from the event.

# Brand new on IPFS

# Around the ecosystem 🌏

Join over 1,000 likeminded engineers, designers, and creators at HackMoney (opens new window), a 3-week long hackathon dedicated to building the future of finance running from June 18th through July 9th.

Gemini recently published an in-depth article on distributed work protocols built by developers, for developers. Read it here. (opens new window)

The DI2F workshop with IFIP Networking is coming up next Monday, June 21st and offers a packed programme full of exciting paper presentations, demos, abstracts, hands-on tutorials and invited talks! Get details here (opens new window) and register at this link (opens new window).

Request Network recently announced a partnership with Chainlink to enable fiat-denominated invoices paid in crypto. Learn more. (opens new window)

Always wanted to create your own fashion house in the metaverse? Decentraland recently introduced their Wearables Editor. Check it out! (opens new window)

Infura Transactions (ITX) is now in Private Beta and you can sign up to try it (opens new window)!

The next IPFS meetup is Friday, June 29 at 9am PT/5pm UTC. Register to join us for a series of lightning talks (opens new window)!

Check out this episode (opens new window) of The Internet Computer Weekly to hear Fleek discuss decentralised frontend hosting.

# Want to help build the new internet?

Backend/API Engineer (opens new window): As a Backend/API Engineer, you will research, contribute to the product vision and help define the roadmap of multiple products. You will build and maintain features on the Textile Hub (opens new window), and build new services and systems to integrate with blockchain networks including Threads (opens new window), Buckets (opens new window), Hub (opens new window), and Powergate (opens new window). This role is for someone with solid coding experience and the ability to lead new features. Textile, Remote.

Full Stack Engineer (opens new window): This role is for someone with solid coding experience who likes to experiment, design, and learn new things. We are looking to fill this position soon. We are looking for someone who can rapidly scope and build new web applications and work with APIs and backend services. Textile, Remote.

Senior Backend Engineer (opens new window): Pinata is looking for a Backend Engineer knowledgeable in NodeJS to help build the future of our platform. As a dedicated Backend Engineer, you will work directly with our CTO and engineering team to build products and features that accelerate our traction. They need somebody that’s experienced with building NodeJS based APIs and working with relational databases. Experience with file storing technologies is a big plus for this position. Pinata, Remote.

DevOps (opens new window): Pinata is looking for somebody with a background in dev-ops to ensure everything runs smoothly as we scale into the future. As the first dedicated DevOps engineer, you will play a key role in helping Pinata design and build a world-class dev ops pipeline. They need somebody who knows how to create systems that monitor their infrastructure and help deploy new updates in an automated fashion. Pinata, Remote.

Multiple Positions Open (opens new window): Protocol Labs has updated their job board with openings across positions in Administration, Business Development, Business Operations, Communications, Community, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Talent, Product, Project Management, Research, & Security. Protocol Labs, Filecoin, IPFS. Remote.

Software Engineers (opens new window): Seeking seasoned software engineers with specializations in cryptography and systems, distributed systems, and peer-to-peer networks to help shape the next generation of network protocols. Filecoin, IPFS, lib2p2, Remote.

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