Welcome to IPFS Weekly 166!

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 166!

# Announcing go-ipfs 0.11.0 🎉

This release comes with improvements to the UnixFS Sharding and PubSub experiments as well as support for Circuit-Relay v2 which sets the network up for decentralized hole punching support. Read the full release notes on Github (opens new window).

# Announcing IPFS Cluster Release v0.14.2

A new IPFS Cluster release is out! Version 0.14.2 (opens new window) brings improvements to handling large numbers of pins. A pin prioritization feature ensures new pins are replicated faster in the face of long pinning queues. The improvement allows flexible and balanced distribution of pins among different peers based on user-defined groups.

# Brand New on IPFS

  1. NoTex (opens new window) is using IPFS to empower bloggers all over the world with a censorship resistant platform for free expression that offers IP protection.
  2. Tune into a NFT.Storage Twitter Spaces AMA (opens new window) tomorrow, December 15 at 1pm ET. Hear from NFT experts Sherif A. Louis, Jonathan Victor, Mikeal Rogers, and more.
  3. Vivid Labs introduced (opens new window) VIVID Open, an open-source NFT marketplace using IPFS-based NFT.Storage (opens new window) to store assets.
  4. A list of applications leveraging decentralized hosting by using IPFS and Crust, including apps like Uniswap, Aave, and Polkadot. Check out the article from Crust. (opens new window)

# Around the Ecosystem

The first libp2p community call happened earlier today, didn’t make it? Be sure to tune into the next one on January 11, 2022. Subscribe and join via this calendar event (opens new window) on the libp2p Public Events (opens new window) calendar.

According to CoinDesk, Filecoin may have just launched a tool to end the never-ending debate over Bitcoin’s carbon footprint. Read all about it! (opens new window)

ETHGlobal just announced their 2022 Hackathon season which is jam packed with 6 IRL hackathons, 10 online hackathons and 15 summits! Check it out for yourself (opens new window).

Last week, go-libp2p v0.16.0 was released, which adds support for the circuit v2 protocol, paving the way to fully decentralized, peer-to-peer NAT hole punching! Check out the full release notes (opens new window).

Interested in taking your Filecoin/IPFS project to the next level? The inaugural cohort of the Filecoin Techstars Accelerator runs from March - June 2022, but applications close on December 22nd - apply now (opens new window).

From Wax, what it means to truly own your digital assets, and the importance of storing your NFTs on a resilient, decentralized network. Check it out. (opens new window)

# Want to help build the new internet?

Filecoin Green Program Ambassador (opens new window): We are searching for a Program Administrator who will help to track, manage and direct a team developing tomorrow’s environmental accounting tools. Filecoin Green (opens new window) is a fast-growing initiative dedicated to measuring, reducing and mitigating environmental impacts within the Filecoin ecosystem and beyond. The team aims to catalyze this by enabling teams across the Filecoin ecosystem to verifiably report their emissions, and to use these data as the basis for impact reductions. Protocol Labs, Remote.

Community Manager (opens new window): Valist is hiring a community manager to help expand outreach, community, and brand awareness. In this role, you will have a strong influence on our growth strategies, forge and develop great relationships with our community members and key partners, and create high quality content. You will be working closely with technical co-founders and engineers. Valist, Remote.

Head of Content (opens new window): Protocol Labs is seeking a Head of Content to develop and execute effective content deliverables for our portfolio and ecosystem projects including Filecoin and IPFS. The ideal candidate is an exceptional writer with a proven experience in communicating blockchain and Web3 concepts to developers, non-developers, enterprises, and newcomers. Protocol Labs, Remote.

Developer Relations (opens new window): Textile is seeking someone to run large-scale community projects. These include amplifying our grants program to fund community projects, curating governance groups where we bring community stakeholders into our technology planning, engaging with external teams like Gitcoin and EthDenver to support large-scale developer events, and giving technical presentations at events. This position also includes day-to-day engagement with our Slack group, helping to triage GitHub issues, hacking on demos, writing blog posts and technical guides, and more. We are looking for a self-directed leader who wants to build a developer community while staying hands on with technology. Textile, Remote.

Senior Software Engineer (opens new window): Distributed systems engineering lies at the center of many projects at Protocol Labs. With IPFS, libp2p, Filecoin, and other related projects, we are laying the foundation for a more resilient, more secure, distributed version of the web. This requires rigorous engineering from protocol design through all the phases of implementation. We strike a balance between pragmatism, deeply informed protocol design, and strict application of strong engineering principles. All of this happens in an environment defined by curiosity, passion, and a love for open source. Protocol Labs, Remote.

Fullstack Engineer (opens new window): Textile's web products and services are written primarily in Golang and TypeScript, and communicate with Textile's core gRPC services. You will own the end user experience and have full ownership over the product stack, from research and development to implementation and production monitoring. Textile, Remote.

Backend/API Engineer (opens new window): As a Backend/API Engineer, you will research, contribute to the product vision and help define the roadmap of multiple products. You will build and maintain features on the Textile Hub (opens new window), and build new services and systems to integrate with blockchain networks including Threads (opens new window), Buckets (opens new window), Hub (opens new window), and Powergate (opens new window). This role is for someone with solid coding experience and the ability to lead new features. Textile, Remote.