IPFS Weekly 78

by Jenn Turner on 2020-02-18

Welcome to the IPFS Weekly

Here’s what’s happening lately in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy and beyond! 🚀

Improvements to IPFS Bitswap, or how Netflix is experimenting with IPFS

After IPFS Camp 2019, Netflix and IPFS began collaborating on ways to incorporate peer-to-peer services into Netflix’s developer tooling. Together, we figured out a way to leverage IPFS to speed up cloud builds, designing and testing solutions for faster Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines powered by efficient p2p container image distribution. Read more on the IPFS blog.

js-ipfs 0.41.0 released

We’ve completed a HUGE refactor to js-ipfs internals 🥳, switching to using Promises and async/await over Callbacks and using async iterables instead of Node.js Streams and Pull Streams. BUT, this release brings big breaking changes to the core API so please consult the full release notes!

Top 5 recent highlights

Introducing IPFS Bounties & DevGrants

Our new IPFS Grant platform connects funding organizations with builders and researchers in the IPFS community—that means you! We offer several types of grants, including bounties. To learn more about IPFS DevGrants, check out the repo. Here are some of our open bounties:

See the recently claimed bounties or check for new open ones when they get posted on The Bounty Board 📌.

The IPFS Community at ETHDenver

Last week, the IPFS Community gathered at one of the largest Ethereum conferences and hackathons in the US: ETHDenver. Here are some other key takeaways:

Thank you, everyone who joined us there, IPFS will be back for ETHDenver 2021! 🎉

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