IPFS Weekly 81

IPFS Weekly 81

# Welcome to the IPFS Weekly

Here’s what’s happening lately in the InterPlanetary File System (opens new window) galaxy and beyond! 🚀

# Top highlights this week

# People are building the coolest stuff with IPFS

SourceCred: A Social Algorithm, by Dandelion Mane at SustainWeb3

# Check out our recent mentions

# Check out Fission on the last IPFS Weekly Call

Yesterday, the folks from [Fission](https://blog.fission.codes/) joined the IPFS Weekly community call to share Fission’s app creation platform that decouples storage from apps, provides hosted services, and more. See the [slides from the full presentation here](https://talk.fission.codes/t/ipfs-weekly-community-call-fission-presenting/520), and check out [their blog post about it](https://blog.fission.codes/fission-on-the-ipfs-community-call/) too!

Join us for next Monday’s community call (opens new window) when the Terminal team (opens new window) will show us how to host your site or app on IPFS!

# Job hunting? Work on IPFS!

  • Backend Software Engineer (opens new window): Work closely with the Qri engineering team to implement backend features that support the operation of both qri command-line and Qri Desktop. NYC or Remote.
  • Community Engineer, libp2p (opens new window): Help introduce new open source projects to libp2p and clear hurdles for them to adopt the libp2p stack for the networking layer of their system. Protocol Labs, Remote
  • Engineering Manager, IPFS (opens new window): Engineering managers have the challenging and exciting task of supporting and empowering engineering teams to deliver complex internet-scale systems in an environment defined by curiosity, passion, and a love for open source. Protocol Labs, Remote
  • Frontend Software Engineer (opens new window): Work closely with the Qri engineering team to build and maintain features on Qri Desktop, an open source Electron app written with TypeScript, React, and Redux. NYC or Remote
  • IPFS Community Lead (opens new window): Provide tactical support for the IPFS community, creating a global community strategy, and executing this strategy on the ground! Protocol Labs, Remote
  • Project Operator, IPFS (opens new window): Tackle some of IPFS’s highest priority initiatives using flexible problem solving abilities. Also responsible for identifying the project’s most important problems, structuring them, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to come to a solution. Protocol Labs, Remote
  • Specifications Engineer, libp2p (opens new window): Help write clear specifications for libp2p, and thus aid in new languages being able to implement the libp2p specs correctly. Protocol Labs, Remote
  • Senior Software Engineer, IPFS or libp2p (opens new window), Experienced in distributed systems design and implementation? Join our full-time open-source team where we value experience independently designing and implementing significant components of complex systems, and the execution focus and discipline to carry projects to completion. Protocol Labs, Remote

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