IPFS Weekly 85

by Jenn Turner on 2020-04-14

Welcome to the IPFS Weekly

Here’s what’s happening lately in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy and beyond! 🚀

ProtoSchool explores the Async Iterables returned by js-ipfs 0.41

The recent release of js-ipfs 0.41 introduced a huge async/await refactor, and the breaking changes were no joke! The affected ProtoSchool tutorials have been updated to reflect the recent changes, highlighting which js-ipfs methods now return Async Iterables and how you can use /for await…of/ loops or alternative helper modules to work with them.

Check out the updated content in our Mutable File System (MFS) and Regular Files API tutorials, then check out the updated event submission process for local leaders to list virtual workshops on ProtoSchool’s events page!

Latest launches 🚀

Using IPFS to fight COVID-19

Here is a followup to our bounty for creating a CORD-19 dataset:

We now have a CORD-19 collaborative cluster dataset, but it won’t be useful if the people that should use it don’t know that they can access this content from the IPFS network!

Please share it freely: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qme2F949GSfupReGPMKJ4EQTGi9hzzUcsJvRS1Mr8YVNzQ

Meet Fleek

Not only did our friends at Terminal do an entire platform rebrand to become Fleek, but they’ve been busy churning out new features at the same time! Check out their latest announcement detailing their user interface rebrand, an introduction to the Teams feature, and new fan favorite: Framework Auto Detection.

Top highlights this week

People are building the coolest stuff with IPFS

Calls for contributors

Come hack on the OpenTelemetry Tracing for OrbitDB. This, combined with the HTTP tracing in #IPFS could lead to some awesome metrics + tracing +observability on the distributed web.

Calling all rustaceans, rustafarians, ferrosities, and rustlers! Community participation in making Rust-IPFS a reality is encouraged and welcomed! If you want to pitch in, here are a few ways!

Attend one of these exciting events from the comfort of your own home

Job hunting? Work on IPFS!

Take care of yourselves and each other. ❤️

Get involved with IPFS by checking us out on GitHub, joining discussions on our community forum, or hitting us up in chat. Have a suggestion? Email us.

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