IPFS Weekly 87

by Jenn Turner on 2020-04-28

Welcome to the IPFS Weekly

Here’s what’s happening lately in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy and beyond! 🚀

Announcing IPFS 0.5

go-ipfs 0.5.0 is officially here 🚀

We are very excited to announce the latest release of go-ipfs 0.5.0. This release is a major step forward on our journey toward a more efficient, secure, and resilient web to preserve and grow humanity’s knowledge. Read the full announcement on the blog for more details.

Join us Friday for the 0.5 Launch Meetup!

Join the IPFS community for a virtual meetup to dive deeper into what’s in the latest 0.5 release, how to take advantage of these improvements, and how IPFS is being used in the wild today. This event will take place Friday, May 1, starting at 5pm UTC / 1pm ET / 10am PT. Meet the IPFS core developers and many of the builders that are deploying IPFS into production, as well as a great line-up of speakers in-store, and also lots of time for Q&A and demos! Please RSVP to attend.

The latest on IPFS Mobile Design Research

For IPFS to succeed, it needs to be where people will use it, and for the vast majority around the world that is on their smartphones. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Jim Kosem to understand how people are building, using and thinking about P2P and IPFS on mobile today in order to create tools and guidelines. In his latest post for the IPFS blog, Jim shares a summary of his findings.

Highlights from this week

People are building the coolest stuff with IPFS

Join the IPFS team at Ready Layer One

Ready Layer One is a three-day virtual conference in collaboration with Celo, Cosmos, NEAR, Polkadot, Protocol Labs, Solana, Tezos, and more. Featuring talks, workshops, and networking, this interactive event will bring together developers of the decentralized web to share knowledge, technology, and ideas across multiple communities. Visit the Ready Layer One site for the amazing line-up of speakers including Juan Benet, Molly Mackinlay, Raúl Kripalani, David Dias, and more! Tickets are first-come, first-served. Claim your ticket here to attend.

See you next week at the IPFS Pinning Summit

On May 7-8, 2020, we are hosting the first-ever IPFS Pinning Summit, and we would love for you to attend! This virtual event is geared toward groups that provide pinning or other web/dweb infrastructure services. We plan to discuss the current state of distributed web infrastructure—including some of the challenges and operational lessons—and several exciting future opportunities (grants, integrations, potential new markets, etc). Register to attend here.

Take care of yourselves and each other. ❤️

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