IPFS Weekly 93

by Jenn Turner on 2020-06-17

Welcome to IPFS Weekly #93

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy! 🚀

Microsoft announces decentralized identity protocol built on IPFS

Microsoft’s ION, an implementation of the decentralized identity protocol, now stores transaction data on IPFS. Read about how js-ipfs is being used to publish the data in a decentralized, universally addressable and network-agnostic way.

Read the full announcement

libp2p in 2020 and beyond!

The past year has seen amazing improvements to libp2p with the protocol quickly becoming the de facto Web3 networking layer for a huge swath of projects. Now, libp2p is looking for new Project Lead to help grow and steward the project and ecosystem in 2020!

Learn more about libp2p

IPFS and the Decentralized Web Dev Report 2020

Fluence Labs released the results of the Decentralized Developer 2020 report, revealing that IPFS and Ethereum are by far leaders among underlying tech respondents use to create DWeb apps.

Dig into the results

Quote of the week

Brand new on IPFS

People build the coolest stuff with IPFS

It’s June. Time for a Qri update.

Learn how to build a distributed website with Hugo.

The Fleek Storage SDK Crash Course you always wanted is finally here.

Check out the new improvements to Lightstreams Smart Vault, Light Client Mode.

Another take on B.Y.O.D. – The promise of user-siloed data in EdTech and beyond!

Job hunting? Work on IPFS!

Project Lead, libp2p: This is a unique opportunity to take ownership of a massively successful open source project and carry it through its next phase of growth. Protocol Labs, Remote

Community Engineer, libp2p: Help introduce new open source projects to libp2p and clear hurdles for them to adopt the libp2p stack for the networking layer of their system. Protocol Labs, Remote

Engineering Manager, IPFS: Engineering managers have the challenging and exciting task of supporting and empowering engineering teams to deliver complex internet-scale systems in an environment defined by curiosity, passion, and a love for open source. Protocol Labs, Remote

IPFS Community Lead: Provide tactical support for the IPFS community, creating a global community strategy, and executing this strategy on the ground! Protocol Labs, Remote

Senior Software Engineer Rust/Go: You would be working with our distributed team of engineers on new products, core protocols or client projects. Most of the work we do is or will eventually be open source. Equilibrium, Remote

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