The IPFS Remember September 2020 Meetup

The IPFS Remember September 2020 Meetup

Fall is upon us, and so the IPFS community met again to share tales of glory and challenges surmounted as we collectively work to overthrow the hegemony of location-based addressing and the notion that security can only be derived from trust models defined by centralized authorities!

# 🚢 Go-ipfs 0.7 Release Preview

Our host Jacob Heun set the stage with some social calisthenics and a review of the code of conduct (opens new window), before introducing the first speaker - Adin Schmahmann, go-ipfs lead, who gave a preview of go-ipfs 0.7 which is due to release this week:

# 🛠 IPFS Recovery

The second talk was a team from the recent HackFS event, a month of hacking hosted by Protocol Labs and EthGlobal, resulting in 138 projects (opens new window)!

Govind Mohan and Hlib Kanunnikov shared their work on IPFS Recovery (opens new window), a module for ensuring data availability despite damage to it or the network, using erasure coding (opens new window).

# 🏭 Building Consumer Products on IPFS & Filecoin

The final talk before the lightning demos was from Raullen Chen, co-founder and CEO of IoTeX. The upcoming Ucam home security camera that IoTeX is making uses IPFS for firmware updates, and they plan to incorporate IPFS and Filecoin into more of their product architecture over time.

Raullen discussed the challenges and opportunities in bringing consumer hardware products to market using IPFS and Filecoin.

# 📚 IPFS Case Study Series

The sole brave lightning demoer was Jessica Schilling, who has been working on a series of case studies from projects who are building and shipping products and services on IPFS. Come for the dweb, stay for the rhymes.

# 🎉 Thanks again!

Thanks to everyone who joined, all our speakers and everyone who's reading this or watching the IPFS channel on YouTube!

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