Improving the IPFS Developer experience

by Hector Sanjuan on 2020-05-05

Since its founding in 2014, the IPFS project has been stewarded by the core IPFS working groups, including developers, designers, researchers and project managers that work very hard towards its success.

However, this success would be impossible without the participation of the open source community that has grown around IPFS - with participants from individuals, to nascent community-owned tools, to large organizations. We are lucky to have this thriving and influential community participating in our journey towards decentralization during these years. With their help, we’ve grown IPFS to empower hundreds of tools, applications and projects.

A thriving, growing, and participatory open source community is key to the success of the IPFS project, and continues to be a focus for the core IPFS working groups. We want every user and developer interested in building IPFS applications — or willing to join forces to fix and improve the codebase — to feel welcomed, informed, and empowered by the community. Therefore, as part of our secondary 2020 focus on contributor velocity and support we will:

After discussion with active IPFS contributors and research into other OSS community best practices, we’ve identified a few changes to help improve the IPFS contributor experience:

IPFS Autoresponder and labels

At the same time, there are some things that are NOT changing:

We want to empower the developer community to build amazing things with IPFS, and these contributor experience changes aim to make it faster and easier to start participating in the IPFS Community (whether filing issues or making PRs). However, improving that experience requires feedback and iteration as we refine our next steps as a community. For this, a new discussion thread is available in the forum, where anyone can post new proposals or give suggestions/feedback on recent changes.

We hope these measures help everyone build a happy and growing IPFS developer community!

IPFS Contributors