IPFS Pinning Summit Recap

by Molly Mackinlay & Pooja Shah on 2020-05-13

The first-ever IPFS Pinning Summit brought together IPFS pinning services, infra providers, and users for 2 days of presentations & meetings to discuss the current state of IPFS infrastructure, services, and tools - and the future opportunities in this space.

Day 1 focused on the accelerating growth of the IPFS ecosystem - especially the adoption and improvement of IPFS tooling and support for verticals like Web3 applications, DevOps pipelines, and Large Data on IPFS. The day also included presentations from major IPFS pinning services like Infura and Pinata, tools smoothing the IPFS upgrade UX like Fleek and UnstoppableDomains, and applications building on top of IPFS with strong use cases for IPFS infrastructure and tooling like Ceramic, Ucam, and Filecoin.

IPFS Project Lead Molly Mackinlay called the next 18 months a “critical period” for the IPFS community. “There are lots of key applications and projects being built, improving the ecosystem, and all kinds of developer tools are arriving that are transforming how applications and users of IPFS end up using the system,” Mackinlay said. “All of these developer tools and systems are changing the nature of how people store and move data.”

The Summit also welcomed a host of IPFS collaborators to the stage, who demoed their work and shared tips on running dweb infrastructure and techniques for improving these services. Here are a few ecosystem highlights:

Day 2 focused on the future - with Juan Benet, creator of IPFS & Filecoin, highlighting new opportunities and improvements coming to the space, including a unified IPFS Pinning API, deeper integration of network services into IPFS tools like IPFS-Desktop and WebUI, and new capabilities like Powergate to bring Filecoin persistence to IPFS pinning services.

The IPFS Pinning Summit brought together 100+ participants for product demos, deep-dives into ecosystem progress, and lightning talks on new tools. Talks dived into how infra providers could tune their services to enhance growing verticals like video, gaming, or browsers - or how they might offer new, specialized products for private networks, access control layers, or network introspection.

Presentations also explored new opportunities related to the upcoming Filecoin Network launch - which adds an incentive layer to distributed data storage in IPFS. Filecoin Leads Pooja Shah and Juan Benet shared a number of new ways to integrate Filecoin to augment and enhance existing web3 infrastructure - like using Textile’s Powergate to create Filecoin-backed IPFS Pinning Services.

Watch all of the sessions here, including lightning talks on Filecoin’s GUI, Git on Threads, the Filecoin Discover Project, and many more.

Thanks for an amazing summit, and looking forward to the next wave of adoption and growth we create together! 🚀