Hey ETHDenver, hack on IPFS with these bounties!

by Jenn Turner on 2021-02-04

ETHDenver 2021 is in full swing, and as we mentioned in our last post the IPFS community is very stoked to get to be a part of this unique and awesome event! To encourage folks to try IPFS for the first time, or the second time, or the forty-second time, we’ve put together the following bounties to inspire your creativity and challenge your #BUILDathon skills.

IPFS Bounties for ETHDenver 2021

Best use of IPFS for X, $500 each, resources here

If you have questions, please reach out at the IPFS Help Desk, located in the Spork Shill Zone, right next to the Textile booth. Our community will be happy to help you!

Need a break from hacking?

Be sure to check out these IPFS presentations during your breather.

Friday, February 5

1PM MST Tune in on the Mainnet Livestream

Stay tuned for talks from Textile, Ethereum Name Service, NEAR, Unstoppable Domains, Rarible, Ceramic, The Graph, 3Box Labs, AAVE, Polkadot, nuCypher, Cryptorado, Filecoin, Audius, Dappnode, Radicle, Chainlink, ConsenSys, and more!

So join us for talks, fun times in the ETHDenver Discord #ipfs channel, and—if you need it—come ask for help at the IPFS help desk! Happy BUIDLing, ETHDenver!