Hey ETHDenver, hack on IPFS with these bounties!

Hey ETHDenver, hack on IPFS with these bounties!

ETHDenver 2021 (opens new window) is in full swing, and as we mentioned in our last post (opens new window) the IPFS community is very stoked to get to be a part of this unique and awesome event! To encourage folks to try IPFS for the first time, or the second time, or the forty-second time, we’ve put together the following bounties to inspire your creativity and challenge your #BUILDathon skills.

# IPFS Bounties for ETHDenver 2021

  • 🦁 Get Brave with IPFS, $50: Using and demo’ing IPFS in your project with Brave desktop browser, Resources: https://brave.com/ipfs-support/.
  • ⭕️ Go browsing with Opera + IPFS, $50: Using and demo’ing IPFS in your project with Opera Android or Opera Touch on iOS, Resources: https://blog.ipfs.io/2020-03-30-ipfs-in-opera-for-android/
  • 📌 IPFS Pinning Services API, $500: Show us your best use of the new IPFS Pinning Services API, Resources: https://ipfs.github.io/pinning-services-api-spec/
  • 👻 Hack Phantom Drift, $500: Build libp2p node visualizers on the DHT, Resources: https://github.com/libp2p/go-libp2p/issues/947

# Best use of IPFS for X, $500 each, resources here (opens new window)

  • 🤝 Collaboration: Let IPFS coordinate the flow of data between you and your colleagues, even when working offline or on a local network.
  • 📦 Asset storage: By storing small scripts or big databases of your project on IPFS, and depending on your architecture, you can yield several benefits.
  • 👾 Gaming: We want serverless online gaming, and we want it now!
  • 👷 IPFS as infrastructure: Using IPFS allows you to abstract away a lot of the complexity of coordination between machines. No matter your architecture IPFS handles load balancing, de-duplication, caching, and high availability out-of-the-box.
  • 🥷 Decentralized identity: Decentralized identity is a hot topic, and IPFS is one of the core technologies a lot of engineers build around.
  • 🙏 Decentralizing the Web itself: Some core pieces of the web are still centralized, making it more prone to break or being censored. IPFS can help and make the web more resilient.

If you have questions, please reach out at the IPFS Help Desk, located in the Spork Shill Zone, right next to the Textile booth. Our community will be happy to help you!

# Need a break from hacking?

Be sure to check out these IPFS presentations during your breather.

# Friday, February 5

1PM MST Tune in on the Mainnet Livestream (opens new window)

  • IPFS: The Global CID, technical workshop
  • Join Matt Ober, Co-founder and CTO of Pinata (opens new window) for a technical glimpse into CIDs. Blockchain data is immutable and accessible in a decentralized way. Your off-chain data should be too. Learn how IPFS solves this and why the “Content Identifier” is crucial for projects storing data off-chain.

# Monday, February 8

10:15AM MST Tune in on the Mainnet Livestream (opens new window)

  • Bridging Web2 <> Web3: IPFS x Opera integration, panel
  • Join Dietrich Ayala, IPFS Ecosystem Lead, Igor Mandrigin Lead Crypto Researcher at Opera, Bradley Kam, Co-Founder at Unstoppable Domains, and moderator Susie Batt, Head of Global Crypto Community at Opera, for an inside look at how browsers and decentralized technologies are teaming up to push Web3 forward.

Stay tuned for talks from Textile, Ethereum Name Service, NEAR, Unstoppable Domains, Rarible, Ceramic, The Graph, 3Box Labs, AAVE, Polkadot, nuCypher, Cryptorado, Filecoin, Audius, Dappnode, Radicle, Chainlink, ConsenSys, and more!

So join us for talks, fun times in the ETHDenver Discord (opens new window) #ipfs channel, and—if you need it—come ask for help at the IPFS help desk! Happy BUIDLing, ETHDenver!