The annual premier hackathon event for the North American Ethereum community, ETHDenver and ColoradoJam, has come to a close. The 2021 event was 100% virtual, utilizing the gaming platform Gamerjibe as a virtual event venue, creating a unique and refreshing way for the dweb community to gather together.

ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021 Bounty, Track & Quadratic Funding Winners

# Event highlights

When it came to building with IPFS, we saw NFT marketplaces, decentralized and off-chain gaming, platforms solving real world issues involving life insurance and genetic testing, and consistently created ways to lower barriers for wallet creation, token creation, and more.

  • 31 out 86 total projects submitted to ETHDenver applied for IPFS bounties
  • 64 out of 86 projects submitted applied for IPFS-ecosystem tooling bounties (the most popular being Ceramic, Textile and Metamask)
  • The IPFS project awarded bounties to 11 submissions for their creative use of IPFS
  • 32 of the 51 winning projects were award bounties for using IPFS-ecosystem tooling

See all of the ETHDenver submissions here (opens new window) and read about the winners (opens new window), too!

Folks from Slate and Textile chill in the bean bag area of the Shill Zone

# The Virtual Castle

Alongside the event Discord, the livestream, and the hacks, ETHDenver also created a virtual venue for attendees to wander around, try on swag, gather collectibles, check out sponsor booths, and hang out as a community.

In lieu of a sponsor booth, the IPFS Help Desk returned! Folks from IPFS, Slate, Fleek, Pinata, Opera, and Foundation all took turns hosting as their digital avatars, even occasionally running into a rainbow Pegabufficorn.

The IPFS Help Desk at ETHDenver 2021

# On the main stage

# New projects in the ecosystem

Here are just a few of the projects from ETHDenver that have us excited about building even more with IPFS!

Our thanks go out to the organizers of ETHDenver and ColoradoJam 2021, the amazing IPFS community for their participation, and of course, the ETHDenver builders who inspired us with their inventive projects. We look forward to seeing what folks come up with next in the many more hackathons to come in 2021!