Recapping NFTHack with IPFS and Protocol Labs

Recapping NFTHack with IPFS and Protocol Labs

In March, Protocol Labs sponsored NFTHack (opens new window), a weekend long hackathon and summit to gather creatives and engineers focused on NFTs. The event sparked a multitude of conversations and ideas surrounding creative and sustainable solutions to NFT storage.

For example, (opens new window) is a new service built specifically for storing off-chain NFT data on IPFS and Filecoin. Nft.Storage was a tremendous asset during the NFTHack weekend. The service made it possible for participants to focus fully on their hacks knowing that their off-chain data was safely being stored by on IPFS and Filecoin. During the event alone, 1204 NFTs were stored on IPFS.

Between March 15-21 over 2,000 people visited and a quarter of all NFTHack builders used it. Overall, 10% of all of the event participants used the JavaScript library powering to store their NFTs.

The $5k bounty for the event prize was split into two $1.5k awards and one $2k award.

  • The winner of “The 🤯 Prize” was NFT (The 🚫Not Not-a-🔥 Flamethrower Token). Yes, it’s a flamethrower; but a flamethrower that creates an NFT out of anything it burns.
  • One runner up was GFT (opens new window), which connects creators and consumers through NFTS.
  • The other runner up was Rodeo, which lets people quickly spin up NFT galleries for their websites.

You can browse the full event agenda (opens new window) and check out the NFTHack YouTube playlist (opens new window). Learn more about at (opens new window).

Want to learn more about NFT best practices, or just NFTs in general? Check out NFT School (opens new window).