Ceramic Launches Mainnet Using IPFS and Filecoin for Decentralized Storage

Ceramic Launches Mainnet Using IPFS and Filecoin for Decentralized Storage

Earlier this month, Ceramic (opens new window) launched their Mainnet, along with a cohort of Web3 projects utilizing their tech including Boardroom and Metagame. Ceramic builds on IPFS (IPLD and libp2p specifically) and other open standards to create a general-purpose protocol for computing and processing data, with flexibility as to where data is stored and what stack and data formats developers choose to use.

Developers building applications in Web3 have needed advanced database-like functionality to complement their blockchain infrastructure and raw storage provided by decentralized storage solutions like IPFS and Filecoin. Ceramic solves this issue with a NoSQL-like database for developers to store structured content. Ceramic also offers a flexible and robust identity solution called IDX (opens new window), the first fully functional decentralized identity solution. IDX lets users build up a unified digital identity consisting of all of their data while enabling developers to break down silos and freely share user data between applications.

Grown out of 3Box Labs, Ceramic allows for scalable and flexible ways to model various types of information like dynamic data, user generated content, social features, content management, and user identity. More than 50,000 users and 1000+ applications have used 3Box, which will now migrate to Ceramic’s mainnet.

Over 150+ projects were part of the Ceramic “Early Launch Program (opens new window)”, which gave teams access to the company’s mainnet. Audius (opens new window), Livepeer (opens new window), Metamask (opens new window), Textile (opens new window), and others will be a part of the next cohort on Ceramic’s mainnet.

To learn more about Ceramic, visit https://ceramic.network/ (opens new window) .