IPFS Weekly 103

by Jenn Turner on 2020-09-02

Welcome to IPFS Weekly #103

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy! 🚀

Peergos wins EU Next Generation Internet grant

Many congratulations to the folks at Peergos for their recent award of a €200,000 grant by the Next Generation Internet Program for Open Internet Renovation (NGI-POINTER). They intend to use the opportunity to develop new and exciting features for Peergos that will see it evolve into a privacy-focused, decentralized social network. Excellent work, friends! 👏

Full announcement

Please upgrade go and go-libp2p immediately

🚨 Ring the alarm! 🚨 Users of go-libp2p need to:

upgrade their go installations to v1.14.7 and v1.13.15 —and— upgrade their go-libp2p-* dependencies to the latest released versions in order to secure their applications against an upstream security vulnerability.

More details

New IPFS & Ethereum workshop this weekend!

The folks at ChainShot are hosting another workshop for those keen to learn more about IPFS and Ethereum. Led by Dan Nolan, the workshop is a weekend of fundamentals, concepts, and components, plus learning how to build core data structures.

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Quote of the week

Brand new on IPFS

People are building the coolest things with IPFS

Missed the Dat Conference? Check out this summary of the event.

Don’t miss this showcase of some of the Fleek prize winners from HackFS.

New tutorial: How to load Tensorflow.js model using IPFS

Instant Notary App: Combining the power of Bluzelle + IPFS

ChainSafe joins the League of Entropy!

Build decentralized apps using Fleek’s Space Daemon

Learn all about how to use the latest and most exciting decentralized development, the Space Daemon from Fleek, in the latest Filecoin Master Class. Hosted by Samuele Agostinelli, this class takes you from technical decision making to step by step setup and implementation.

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Job hunting? Work on IPFS!

Remote Senior Software Engineer: We are looking for talented engineers to help us design, build, and architect the most difficult parts of the Audius protocol—high availability services for decentralized replication of data, latency-sensitive distributed file transfers, Ethereum smart contracts, infrastructure, tooling, and more. Audius, Remote

UI Engineer: Come build scalable front-end applications, experiment with new technologies, and build beautiful products. Textile, Remote

Project Lead, libp2p: This is a unique opportunity to take ownership of a massively successful open source project and carry it through its next phase of growth. Protocol Labs, Remote

Senior Software Engineer Rust/Go: You would be working with our distributed team of engineers on new products, core protocols or client projects. Most of the work we do is or will eventually be open source. Equilibrium, Remote

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Take care of yourselves and each other. ❤️

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