Welcome to IPFS Weekly 109

by Jenn Turner on 2020-10-14

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy! 🚀

LikeCoin closes out the IPFS Case Study series

The first series of IPFS Case Studies is now complete, ending with a look into how LikeCoin decentralizes the standard of truth for online media content with IPFS. Based on the Cosmos SDK, LikeCoin uses IPFS and custom IPLD to achieve its vision.

Read the case study

Preparing for Filecoin Mainnet launch

Next week Filecoin takes off, and to celebrate the team has a week full of action-packed talks, workshops, and panels from the Web3 community to celebrate mainnet launch and chart the future of the Filecoin network.

Join us 🚀

🚨 Attention IPFS Desktop Windows users 🚨

If you are on Windows and stuck with IPFS Desktop older than v0.13.1, please install IPFS-Desktop-Setup-0.13.2.exe 1 manually.

We fixed autoupdate issues on Windows platform in v0.13.1, however older versions may still struggle to update. Manual update is a one-time fix: from now on, Windows updates will work as expected.

Paving the way for a new digital economy

Recently IPFS contributor Jessica Schilling was featured in Modern Consensus, a publication focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. In her op-ed, she describes how IPFS aims to break the stranglehold of tech giants by decentralizing the internet.

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Brand new on IPFS

People are building the coolest things with IPFS

Check out ipfs-pharo: an IPFS interface for Pharo

“We plan to establish the first IPFS node on Mars” says Filecoin Miner Neo Ge

A Guide to NFTs in Upland. Bringing digital ownership to the next level

Hacker Noon interviewed frequent IPFS contributor Vaibhav Saini on Optimal Learning Process

Why the P2P Resurgence is the step backward the Internet desperately needs

VentureBeat featured Chrome’s extended list of URL schemes—including ipfs and ipns

Watch this demo of the Qri Desktop 0.5.0 release candidate

Install IPFS for Linux using the Snap Store

Slingshot - put your project on Filecoin for FIL token rewards

Slingshot has kicked off and there’s still time to join the fun! Developers who integrate an application with and store useful data on Filecoin’s testnet can be eligible for potentially large Filecoin token rewards. Integrations can be as simple as using a tool like Textile’s Powergate to back up data your project is already storing on IPFS to Filecoin. Sign up and find out more here!

Job hunting? Work on IPFS!

Devops or SRE: The role is for someone with strong hands-on DevOps experience (cloud architecture, automated deployment, Kubernetes orchestration) that also likes to get their hands into the code (primarily written in Go). Textile, Remote.

Distributed Systems Engineer: 3Box is looking for a distributed systems engineer to push the limits of decentralized distributed systems by implementing and upgrading the Ceramic protocol in a high performance scaled network.

Front-end Developer: Are you an experienced front end dev that understands IPFS and linked data and wants to make an impact on the future of Web3? Ceramic is looking for a contractor to work on Ceramic Explorer.

Remote Senior Software Engineer: We are looking for talented engineers to help us design, build, and architect the most difficult parts of the Audius protocol—high availability services for decentralized replication of data, latency-sensitive distributed file transfers, Ethereum smart contracts, infrastructure, tooling, and more. Audius, Remote

UI Engineer: Come build scalable front-end applications, experiment with new technologies, and build beautiful products. Textile, Remote

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