Welcome to IPFS Weekly 119

by Jenn Turner on 2021-01-20

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy!

IPFS in Brave - Native Access to the Distributed Web

IPFS now natively supported in Brave web browser

Announcing the integration of IPFS in the Brave browser, completing the vision of a native distributed web experience in a modern web browser. This is a first for browsers and a huge step towards true user agency on the web. 🎉

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Join us Friday for our January meetup!

Join us on January 22, as we kick off 2021 with some very big plans! Our featured speakers this month will be the IPFS planning team, Dr. Ian Preston from Peergos, and Leandro Barbosa from Voodfy. You never know what might happen at an IPFS event, so don’t miss it.

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IPFS in browsers

Igalia and IPFS join forces to empower the dweb

IPFS and Igalia started a collaboration to improve web platform support in Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit and help the distributed web community. This is a good first step for users, as well as an opportunity to start discussions and raise awareness of the distributed web.

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ProtoSchool introduces learners to Merkle DAGs

What was once a single lesson on data structures is now a meaty multiple-choice tutorial (read: no coding skills required) that digs deep into the unique superpowers of Merkle DAGs as a content-addressed data structure that’s perfectly suited to form the backbone of the decentralized web.

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Brand new on IPFS

People are building the coolest stuff with IPFS

Learn how to import JSON files into IPSQL

Unstoppable Domains looks ahead to 2021, sharing their project focus.

PAPER: IPFS and Medwish, a decentralised and secure health data management solution.

Check out this WordPress plugin that uses Textile Tools to backup the posts of any WordPress site to IPFS and Filecoin.

Discover how to build a Substack on IPFS using Pinata

Cloudflare Unveils Gateway to Distributed Web With ENS, IPFS Integration 🎉

Job hunting? Work on IPFS!

Technical Project Manager (Infura): Track active projects, remove roadblocks, and support the development team in identifying and keeping up-to-date all project requirements. Manage project, feature, technical debt, and bug backlogs working across teams in prioritizing work and planning out sprints. ConsenSys, Remote.

Ecosystem Developer: We are looking for a technical community manager to help us create a world-class developer ecosystem and experience around our open source community. 3Box, Remote.

Software Engineer: You will be responsible for pushing the limits of p2p technology within browser environments. Your work will range from optimizing crypto and networking libraries to designing user experiences around difficult usability challenges. 3Box, Remote.

Sr. Backend Engineer: Have built systems at scale in the past and can discuss the architectural tradeoffs that went into them. Experience with data lakes, data warehousing, and OLAP technologies. Self-directed. We want you to own the systems you build. ConsenSys, Remote.

Take care of yourselves and each other. ❤️

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