Welcome to IPFS Weekly 132

Welcome to IPFS Weekly 132

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System (opens new window) galaxy!

# Deploying Web3: IPFS Architecture, Topologies, and Menageries

Last week at Scaling Ethereum, Dietrich Ayala helped kick off the hackathon by presenting a talk on how IPFS is being used to scale Ethereum, the problems IPFS addresses, an introduction to the web3 stack, as well as a quick walkthrough of approaches and resources to use IPFS today. In case you missed the talk, catch up here (opens new window) and be sure to check out our recent blog post (opens new window) that highlights where you can find us at Scaling Ethereum, the prizes that Protocol Labs is offering, as well as some videos that will help you get started.

# Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator II - Apply now!

The Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator is a full-time, fully remote program dedicated to startups building more open, interoperable, and programmable tools, infrastructure, and applications for the distributed and decentralized web. Tachyon supports projects that build on and bridge the IPFS (opens new window), Filecoin (opens new window), and Ethereum (opens new window) communities and the tools, middleware, and applications. The next cohort will run June through August 2021, with 20 teams from around the globe provided funding, mentorship, benefits, and programming around business and blockchain-specific issues, culminating in a Demo Day and post-program fundraising support kicking off in September. Applications are now open and close at midnight EST on May 9. (opens new window)

# Brand new on IPFS

# Around the ecosystem 🌏

Fission is working on adding an IPFS bitswap monitoring into their front end systems. Check out their post (opens new window) for more info.

Gamedev.js Jam celebrates HTML5 games and is happening now through April 26th at 5PM CET. Build a Web game on a given theme and win prizes (opens new window)!

If you’re building something on Uniswap, make sure to submit for their current Grants Round (opens new window) by May 31.

Digital MOB has launched the first version of their Filecoin Miner Reputation System. Learn more (opens new window).

Protocol Labs is staking $7500 in prizes at the Scaling Ethereum Hackathon with ETHGlobal, happening now! Learn more and start building (opens new window).

It’s Digital Transformation Week and our friends at Cloudflare are hosting a content and networking event to celebrate. Register here (opens new window).

Longhash Ventures is hosting the Filecoin Frontier Demo Day on Friday, April 23rd, at 9am (GMT +8). RSVP! (opens new window)

# Upcoming 📅

The April IPFS meetup will be an opportunity to showcase what the community has been building with NFTs! Sign up here (opens new window) to present, or register to attend (opens new window) on April 27th and be prepared to learn more about the world of IPFS x NFTs!

# Want to help build the new internet?

Chief of Staff (opens new window): As Chief of Staff, you’ll play a key role enabling and supporting our CEO. The Chief of Staff will have an impact on the efficiency and productivity of the company, streamlining business initiatives, driving program management and communicating cross functional objectives. Protocol Labs, Remote.

Research Scientists (opens new window): Seeking research scientists in the following areas: cryptography, distributed systems, networking, independent research. Protocol Labs, Remote.

Software Engineers (opens new window): Seeking seasoned software engineers with specializations in cryptography and systems, distributed systems, and peer-to-peer networks to help shape the next generation of network protocols. Filecoin, IPFS, lib2p2, Remote.

Senior Full Stack Engineer (opens new window): This role is for someone with solid coding experience who likes to experiment, design, and learn new things. We are looking to fill this position soon. We are looking for someone who can rapidly scope and build new web applications and work with APIs and backend services. Textile, Remote.

Senior Go Engineer (opens new window): As a Senior Go Engineer, you will be responsible for writing and maintaining code on the Textile Go libraries, including Threads (opens new window), Buckets (opens new window), Hub (opens new window), and Powergate (opens new window). This role is for someone with solid coding experience and the ability to lead new features. Textile, Remote.

Consensus Protocol and DLT Engineer: (opens new window) Consensus is looking for a Lead Engineer with solid experience in building or working with consensus mechanisms such as Snow family, Clique, Aura, pBFT. Knowledge and experience with Ethereum, EVM and Smart Contracts is crucial as EVM-compatibility is key in the market. Consensus, Humanode, Remote.

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